CoinGecko Gives a Higher Level View of Cryptocurrencies

CoinGecko, in the beta phase of development, has managed to add more depth to cryptocurrency understanding than many of the other crypto exchange sites. Rather than just tracking the price of each currency relative to Bitcoin, the service takes in to account developer activity, community activity, market cap (measured in bitcoins), and other social and […]

BBU Promotes Bettina Gray to VP of Operations

Barter Business Unlimited, the region’s leading barter exchange company for business owners throughout the United States, announced today that Bettina Gray has been promoted to vice-president of Operations. Previously, operations manager for Barter Business Unlimited for over five years and an office administrator at eVariant, Gray will now handle additional client services duties and oversee […]

Marina Fiorella is a Legitimate Student, Confirmed by the University

Oh boy, did I get that wrong! And for Marina’s sake, I’m glad that the University of Foggia responded so quickly. This morning I received this communication from the person in charge of international relations at the University of Foggia: Buon giorno, comunico che Marina Fiorella è attualmente iscritta al terzo anno del corso di […]

Breaking: Is Daniel Evans Trying to Collect Industry Data?

[This story has been updated:] This morning I, along with many others in the barter industry, received an email with an invitation to participate in a survey of the barter industry: Hi, please answer the following questionnaire, if you use countertrade (International barter, offset, buy-back, counterpurchase, …). Questionnaire link (English version): SURVEY ABOUT COUNTERTRADE […]

The Ormita Software Is Offline. Is Ormita Dead?

Time Management, the company that created and manages Ormita’s transaction software, has taken the Ormita software offline. This means that no transactions will be processed for any Ormita member unless/until Ormita engages a new software provider. See for yourself at Official email from Daniel Evans says he is in meetings and unavailable for the […]

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