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HE-5 Resources Corp is at it again, shaking up our assumptions about barter. This time they are acquiring another bank, with the intention of offering a wider array of financial services, accompanied with the global barter concept they have been touting in recent weeks. I wonder if they are going to be working with a broker-modeled exchange or if they are going to go the way of from years past…

A New Bank is Arising

HE-5 is writing a page of history for the “Trading Barter Bank” by joining forces with Jameson Capital Financial Group, Private Equity Partners and other Companies to fund the acquisition of “MACLAY S.A.” a private investment bank. HE-5 is also proud to announce that this transaction will now permit the Integration of the Trading & Banking Platform.

The Trading Platform will allow our organization to secure multiple trades through utilization of Financial Tools such as: Bonded Securities, Collaterals, Capital Pooling, Mezzanine Financing, Bridges, and more importantly Daily Trade Bids on open market.

Management Statement

I would like to congratulate everyone who has been involved in the transaction since the beginning; The people at Lington Financial LTD, Jameson Capital, and all of the HE-5’s staff and business professionals who have participated in making this possible.

“Trading Barter Bank” is the meeting place of today’s market reactivity for its instant worldwide information dissemination, and ancient financial knowledge and trade science based on centuries of methodic service providing in money markets”.

We will be able to offer an exclusive trading value to qualified members and trading merchants, as well as Government Organizations and International Trade Agencies. It is surprising to see how many trades do not go through every day just because there are no innovative financial brokers positioning and securing each involved parties until all obligations are met. Amazingly profitable transactions just simply abort because no or just a few organizations are willing to offer such services.

We are proud to be part of this incredible new endeavor, and to join in as a “United Business Traders” Member.

Revenues & Financials

The value of the Transaction is $4,500,000 US in return of 51% of the voting shares. The current name of the investment bank is “MACLAY, S.A., The Corporation will go through a name change filing in its respective jurisdiction to “Trading Barter Bank”

The unique financial value added consists of acting as a Short Term “Secured Credit” Intermediary for each and every transactions or offers being traded on our platform. “Trading Barter Bank” will be able to finance on its own up to $12 Million Euros in Syndicate Financing through the private investor’s network.

TBB will be working with larger institutional firms on a royalty sharing base for transactions higher than $500,000 Euros.

Trading Modules & Platforms

“Trading Barter Bank” will be offering multiple valuation and calculation features programmed to constantly readjust their values upon market fluctuations and offer business traders an instant reactive access to trading with other merchants or service providers or International Organisations. The “Trading Barter Bank” Virtual Market Place is another key feature of the merchant module, offering a new and unique window platform for trading commodities, products and services.

“United Business Traders “Forum

We have initiated our Community Member Base build up a week ago and have been overwhelmed with quality of our members who are now totalling over 3500 as of today. We will initiate other marketing actions and merchandizing operations including event programs, interviews, newspapers, web marketing, among others. More of our management and organisations’ staff will join in this week on our Forum.


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