IBE Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary


The IBE Barter Exchange continues to earn support of the Sarasota, Manatee & Charlotte counties area businesses. Founded with the mission of providing quality products and services, IBE has grown into one of the country’s strongest and most respected Barter Exchanges.  To celebrate their 20th year, through August, IBE will be offering suncoast businesses an Enrollment Gift Certificate valued at $495.
The IBE Barter Exchange philosophy of “When you say YES to Barter, you say YES to new Business” a fundamental element contributing to the on-going success of IBE’s trading members. IBE employs the most sophisticated technology to ensure accurately recorded trades among the IBE membership. The online “Go Trading” system enables members to list products and services in an eBay environment for accurate and quick selling options.
IBE Barter Exchange is the choice of reputable area businesses seeking to expand their customer base.  At the same time they are saving cash by off-setting their business costs, using IBE member products and services in exchange for their own excess inventory and unused service hours.
Currently, IBE is assisting Bradenton’s new Duff’s Buffet restaurant in the completion of their construction utilizing an IBE construction company. And, IBE is also assisting in the completion of the new 10,000 square foot II Panifico Restaurant and Bakery in Sarasota’s Gulf Gate area. Long term relationships with companies like Beneva Flowers, Terry’s Plumbing, Ophelia’s on the Bay to the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center are just a few of the area businesses that have enjoyed the many benefits of IBE.
“It is amazing that we are commemorating our 20th year in business,” said Ron and Mary Unger, IBE Directors. IBE is honored to be the barter choice for so many suncoast businesses.  This unique concept has been met with resounding success, and afforded many businesses the opportunity to be successful. IBE is the leader in facilitating local barter, and we look forward to many more years of helping the business community.”


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