An Open Letter to the Barter Industry


Dear Barter Professionals,

Just when I thought things were getting better, you had to go out and prove me wrong. Video is already the chosen internet medium of now, not some future thing that will be beneficial ten years from now. The net has caught up to and passed your creative prowess a decade ago. It is unacceptable to produce terrible videos now. A year ago, heck even six months ago, I would post those videos on this site as an example of good business practice…from now on I will be posting only two kinds of video: the examples of fantastic work, and the examples of terrible video. I will be clearly marking each video as such. Allow me to suggest that if you don’t want your video ridiculed for the whole barter industry to see, make something good, make something classy, spend some time and energy, and MONEY on the video so it creates distinction for you and your exchange, and so it promotes the barter industry as a whole. We are about creating legitimacy for the barter industry, not about promoting more Mickey Mouse style exchanges that don’t take the time to do something nice. No offense.



Barter News Weekly


  1. Dear Tyler,

    Here is an open letter to you. Why do you bother reporting, if you call it that, such rediculas information and stories about so called “Barter” company sites? It looks like to me that you are part of the problem. You answered your own question. Just do it. Do you really think anyone takes your reporting as anything but what it is, trash? Who appointed you as the “Barter Watchdog.”? I receive your newsletter and do believe you do a good job most of the time. But you give any mention of the rediculas..I am not sure. I know your answer will be because it has to do with the Barter industry…The professional Barter owner, employee and people of interest like myself do not care to read your information.

    • Boatboy,

      Apparently you have done a bad video somewhere. I can think of no other reason you would be so upset by my letter. I don’t think of myself as “Barter Watchdog” any more than I think of myself as the king of spain. What I do think is that the barter industry has suffered at the hands of lazy, unscrupulous people for a long time, and that “pirates” have dictated how the industry has gone for the last two decades, giving the industry a bad name and a bad reputation. And I also think that lazy, poorly made videos are the new version of piracy. If you really want your company to shine and the industry, as a whole, to prosper, don’t do these lame videos. They’re bad for you, they’re bad for everyone.

      If you don’t want to read my opinuendo, then don’t. In the mean time I am going to praise those who do the industry right by producing good videos and pan those who don’t.

  2. Tyler,

    I respect your answer. I have a suggestion for you. If you really want to spend your time reporting on stupid videos, as you say because you need to tell the industry about the lame ones, then keep doing it. You seem far more intelligent than that. I wonder why you do not chose to report on the lawsuit happy IMS ceo, Don Mardak and what he has done to the Barter Industry. If you are a real reporter, then as you said…”What I do think is that the barter industry has suffered at the hands of lazy, unscrupulous people for a long time, and that “pirates” have dictated how the industry has gone for the last two decades, giving the industry a bad name and a bad reputation.” Do you have any clue as to what IMS has been doing to former employees, former business partners, and even their former CFO? Its all public info. If you have any real interest in what you say..why don’t you investigate this. I am not alone whan I say I know first hand of what Mr. Mardak has tried to do to his competition. He has brought rediculas lawsuits, false claims and accusations against former owners, and now even employees. He thinks he can overpower the smaller guys..but it has backfired on him and someone..maybe you..can report this company for what it is doing to the industry. I suspect, you won’t report on this. Maybe you will if you can talk to a few others that will tell you some more information. Just read the legal docs available to anyone. How many lawsuits are they involvved in?….Non compete issues, sexual harrassment, phoney alligations…and the list goes on. I can’t believe all the directors of IMS sit back and agree to all this BS. I hope you can do your homework and come up with something, instead of reporting on the stupid lame videos that will always be on youtube…forever..and nobody will be able to stop…maybe you can..but NOT reporting on them.


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