New Barter Site: kwik e-bart


The first thing you notice when opening up the kwik e-bart site is that you get an error message, or something that looks like an error message. I don’t know about you, but when I get a popup message that looks like an error, I immediately get suspicious of the site. Luckily for them, I’m a patient man and looking to review their site. I think every day users would get turned off by it. The message says that you need to view their site with a certain size window. Here’s my question: if my screen is big enough, and I assure you it is, then why am I getting this message? Kwik e-Bart needs to pull this down or they are going to lose traffic…

Then the site lacks any of the easy functionality of the good barter sites: a quick and easy sign up area, a place to see what is available for barter, or even a prominent register button.

The one good thing I see is some of their graphics. A couple of their graphic representations are pretty good. Otherwise, the site needs help.


  1. How are we supposed to judge? I couldn’t see a link anywhere in your story?

    Being of sound mind I was able to Google it but I shouldn’t have to from a news story / info service page.

    Interestingly I didn’t get any pop ups so maybe an advantage of using Safari on Apple Macs.



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