Important Update on Examiner Article


I received word from Ron Whitney of IRTA recently that the article I reported on in the Examiner, the article reporting an attack on barter currencies, was not factually correct by any means. From Ron:


The slant of Mr. Shortgen’s article in the is incorrect.  First, you need to read the revised article at that has an extensive review of the matter by IRTA.

Secondly, the Government is clearly on record of saying (Government Brief in Opposition to Defendant’s Motions Under Rules 29, 33 and 34, filed April 7th, 2011) that “the defendant was not operating a private currency barter system, rather he was counterfeiting United State coins and using deceptive means to inject them into the flow of current money to defraud the public.” (Page 5.)  Further on page
13, the Government states ” the evidence at trial clearly demonstrate that the activities surrounding the creation and distribution of the Liberty Dollars were in no way a competing private voluntary currency system , but rather constituted a deceptive and fraudulent scheme designed and implemented by the defendant.”  Lastly, on page 14, the Government goes on to say, “any comparison of Defendant’s creation and distribution of Liberty Dollar coins to localized private exchange systems such as the Ithaca Hour or Disney Dollar are absurd on their face.”

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.  Sincerely,

Ron Whitney
IRTA Executive Director

Apparently this is an attempt at getting viewers at the expense of the barter world. In the words of one of my favorites, “What a maroon.”


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