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ATR 72-500 Aircraft on Barter
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Outright Sale on Barter | Wet Leases Also Considered on a Barter Basis

Country of Operation :      UK & IRELAND
Region :      .EUR
MFD :      1990-07
Hours :      28662
Cycles :      52154
Engine Model :      PW124B
MTOW(LBS) :      47400
Configuration :      Freighter

Currently located in Europe.

One of our customers has the first right of refusal on this aircraft but we are taking interest from other parties in case there is no sale.  This is in a freighter format currently and has been used by a regional freight carrier for several years. Price needs to be negotiated between buyer and seller and is largely dependent on purchase terms and aircraft final configuration.

70 x fixed seats are available with the craft which were removed in 2001 and placed in storage along with other components when a conversion took place. These can be sold with the craft or seperately.

This is a first instance notice of offer only: Current barter buyer is in negotiations with the seller. If you have a suitable (existing member) as a party who can come to the table then we can discuss after a NDA between all parties once the expiry date of the paid option from the first customer is up.

The ATR 72-500 draws from the in-service experience of more than 700 ATR aircraft flying worldwide, with a proven average dispatch reliability of more than 99%.

ATR-72-500 – Two 2051kW (2750shp) P&WC PW-127F turboprops driving six blade Hamilton Sundstrand propellers.

ATR-72-500 – Operating empty 12,950kg (28,550lb), max takeoff 22,000kg (48,501lb), optional 22,500kg (49,604lb).

Wing span 27.05m (88ft 9in), length 27.17m (89ft 2in), height 7.65m (25ft 1in). Wing area 61.0m2 (656.6sq ft).

Flightcrew of two. Max seating for 74 passengers at four abreast and 76cm (30in) pitch. More typical seating for between 64 and 70 passengers, with seat pitch starting from 81cm (32in). With larger forward freight door fitted it can accommodate a payload of 7200kg (15,875lb) in 13 containers. ATR-52C – 7500kg (16,535lb) payload comprising pallets or five LD3 containers.

Overall length    27,166 m / 89 ft 2 in
Overall height  7,650 m / 25 ft 1 in
Wing span 27,050 m / 88 ft 9 in
Wing area 61,00 m² / 656,6 sq.ft
Entrance door 0,750 x 1,750 m / 29,5 x 68,9 in
Cargo door 1,295 x 1,575 m / 51,0 x 62,0 in
Service door   0,610 x 1,220 m/ 24,0 x 48,0 in
Emer. Type III     0,510 x 0,910 m / 20,0 x 36,0 in

Please do let me know if I can be of service to you or your company in any way – and anything that you are looking for. I would be only too pleased to help.

My office number is +852 3741 0701 or my cellphone, +852 6231 6638. You can also email me at: wendy.mok@ormitafranchise.com.


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