New LCD TVs on Barter

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Below is a counter-trade offer only. Our client is interested in acquiring anything which can be used in China (luxury goods / commodities / hard items etc)

Through 23 years of development, Skyworth has been ranked top ten color TV brands in the world, leading brand in the industry of display device and 13th place among China’s Electronics Top 100, with more than 20 thousand employees working with it.

A total of 42 branch companies and 190 offices have been established in China, with more than 20 thousand signing clients. And meticulous distribution and service system has infiltrated to the market of county and town level.

Skyworth Digital Technology Company is the largest manufacturer of set top box in China, with an annual sales volume in excess of 10 million sets, ranked No. 1 in domestic business and No. 5 in global business. Skyworth Software Co., Ltd. under it is a key software enterprise within the planning and layout of the nation.

Besides, Skyworth’s relevant industries including Qunxin security monitor, LCD module, LED chip, LED capsulation, semi-conductor, automobile electronics, precise mold, fridge, washing machine and tablet PC have also entered a stage of rapid development, to become larger and stronger gradually, thereby forming the core competitiveness of the group together with the business of color TV. The brand value of Skyworth for 2010 reached 22.368 billion RMB.

The client currently OEMs for Phillips and Panasonic and Sharp televisions and uses its own brand in China as one of the two leading brands in the country.

A list of products is available on the Skyworth website.
Orders need to be greater than $500,000 USD for barter to be worth-while to this client.
This is an absolute countertrade only. The cusotmer is specifically only interested in commodities.

We can discuss any deal and take a proposal to Skyworth once we hear from you as to what you are interested in trading.

Please do let me know if I can be of service to you or your company in any way – and anything that you are looking for. I would be only too pleased to help.

My office number is +852 3741 0701 or my cellphone, +852 6231 6638. You can also email me at:


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