Hotel, Spa and Resort Products For Trade


VIA the Ormita Commerce Network
Proveda Herbals
We have a range of tailor made, luxuxry products designed for hotels and resorts as well as for end-consumers available on barter.

• Face Cleansers
• Shampoo & Conditioner
• Facial Kits
• Toner & Astringent
• Exfoliater & Nourisher
• Anti Wrinkle Treatment
• Anti Acne Treatment
• Under Eye Creams
• Facial Gels
• Bleaches
• Anti Cellulite Cream & Weight Loss Products
• Sun Care Products

Visit the website for a full range of items.

Custom branding is sometimes possible depending on the quantities.

Freight is extra and must be paid in cash or you can arrange freight yourself (arranging yourself is preferred by the customer in some instances).

If you are interested please email me:

Wendy Mok
Ormita International

Telephone: +852 5808 2688 extension: 3062
Facsimile: +852 5808 1360


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