Bartercard South Gold Coast Reaches Six Star Rating


Today it was announced that Bartercard South Gold Coast has reached a six star rating for the September 2011 quarter, the only brokerage to do so in the 20 year history of Bartercard.

In a time where many businesses have been struggling and closing their doors Bartercard South Gold Coast has once again beaten all the odds, setting new records for growth.

Andrew Federowsky Bartercard Founder and Franchise Principal said “We started Bartercard during a recession and have weathered 20 years of the fluctuating economy helping our members save their cash flow, and move excess stock.”

The dynamic team at Bartercard South Gold Coast consistently pulls out top awards in the Bartercard World, both nationally and internationally.

“Having a team who shares my vision for the future is vital to our success, we are all dedicated to providing our members with top notch customer service and strive for excellence.” Mr. Federowsky said.

After a brief stint at retirement Mr. Federowsky took over the South Gold Coast Franchise about three years ago and has built it to become the fastest growing franchise in the world for two consecutive years with 700 members in the South Gold Coast and Tweed regions.

“Our business is consistently evolving, three years ago I started with four staff and now we have 18, with an expected two more starting by the end of the year. “He said.

This success is no mistake; every move for Bartercard South Gold Coast is deliberate in accordance to their goals for the year.

“Direction is very important, so each year we all sit down and go over our business plan for the year so we are all have the same goals in mind; everyone has a copy on their desk to refer back to.” Mr. Federowsky said.

The team at Bartercard South Gold Coast has no plans of resting on their past successes, but look to the future for new and exciting opportunities and challenges.



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