New Barter Site:


Canada must have caught the barter bug. Most of the new barter sites I am seeing are coming out of Canada, and this one is better than most. My only problem is that the site is built in french, and I only speak italian and english. Let’s see if we can get through the site anyway…Yea! They have an english translated site!

Off we go to test it out.

Right off the bat my BS meter is going off. It’s a new site. At the top it says there has been almost 5M large in savings…so either that number is BS or the site isn’t new. You decide.

The Free registration button at the top right is inconspicuous which to me isn’t a great thing. The registration form is pretty standard with some check boxes for further contacting, which I like. I prefer to be able to choose whether to subscribe or not, so they get extra points for this.

Then I see a link that says you have to go to a different page to complete the registration, but also a Save button…hmmm…go to the page and it has shipping information and no link back to the previous page…not good. I hit the back button and I’m back on the other page, but this time I’m hitting Save.

Apparently the site owner does not anticipate users from the United States to use the site, because the site wouldn’t let me use my US zip code.

So, I can’t tell you anything more than that. I’m not allowed to register. Sorry.

No grade, can’t complete the review. To their credit they do have some cool stuff on the site, but the lack of support for US users kinda stops me from finding out more. If you live in Canada, check it out and maybe you’ll have better luck than I have had.



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