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Putting service providers face to face to better utilize idle inventory (time), save cash, and create new business

Fresh off the press and onto the net YesPLZ! is getting ready to launch in city near you.  The guys at YesPLZ! are trying to bring back the oldest economy that exists and repackage it in a hyper local web 2.0 setting that is extremely simple to use.

YesPLZ!, a location-based, peer-to-peer service barter platform, wants to help people trade their skills with other professionals in their local area.

“People need an ultra simple way to exchange their skills with other local providers to get the services they want and need without having to open their wallet.” said Mike Ray, CEO and Co-Founder of YesPLZ!. “We are just as excited to announce YesPLZ! is up and running as we are to use it ourselves. It takes five mouse clicks to post your service and connect with other local providers to discuss a trade that makes sense.”

YesPLZ! puts service people firmly in front of each other allowing them to list a valuable service they can provide, while browsing for services they need from people in their own communities. When a service provider posts an offer to YesPLZ — whether its for massage, or dental care — people in the community who match their trade profile can see the offer and easily get in touch.  The users have a place online where they can connect to utilize their available time, save cash, and produce new business.

“Bartering of professional service between service providers happens all around us every single day.  We want to open the door and make it easier to connect with new people”  said Ray. “Until now, the opportunity to trade services with people in your city might only come from word of mouth.  Whether you’re in need of childcare, getting a broken fence fixed, or want a lawyer to look over your new apartment lease you can use YesPLZ! to find someone close by whose willing to work on trade.”

As far as the the future of YesPLZ!, Ray said “We want to feature tight social integration, and mobile technology which is extremely important to large scale growth. We want you to be able to tell if someone is in your extended social network, which might make you more inclined to connect with them.  It’s an update on the barter system as a whole, a person-to-person marketplace brought up to date with location awareness and social-networking, making it easier than it’s ever been for service providers to trade for the things they want and need”.

How YESPLZ! Works

  • Post the service you’re offering along with the service(s) you’re looking for.
  • YesPLZ immediately posts your trade profile in the local community on the YesPLZ! platform, and also allows you to spread the word to your friends and contacts via social channels like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Local people or businesses see the service(s) you want and service you can offer.  If interested they can contact you to discuss the details.
  • YesPLZ! will automatically notify you if someone matches your trade offer. Users can set it (your service offer) and forget it.

The founding team of Mike Ray, and James Crane-Baker are each serial entrepreneurs with small business and start-ups under their belts. As a small business owner, Ray used barter with customers and vendors regularly. “I always felt like I needed a solution to find more barter partners but didn’t have the time or expertise to build one.”  In May of 2011 over a phone call with James the concept was born.  James, with a background in web development and successful start-ups, began building YesPLZ.  Less than 4 months after being founded, the YesPLZ! team had built its initial version of the application, and is running a “market test”  in Santa Barbara, CA.  They promise everyone who joins and uses YesPLZ during their beta launch period will have free membership for life.

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Twitter: @yesplz_sb


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