Release – NexTrade 360 Reduces Prices


Colchester, VT— RedLeaf Software LLC, developer of the NexTrade360™ Exchange
Management System, announced today that the monthly user fees for the barter exchange
software system have been dramatically reduced in response to market demands. With this
change in its monthly user fees, NexTrade360™ is now priced at or below what each of its
main software competitors charge on a monthly basis to lease their software. “We decided
that it was time to make a significant change in our pricing for two reasons. First, we wanted
to do something to show barter exchange owners that we are responding to their financial and
competitive needs as the economy remains extremely sluggish. Second, we wanted to position
NexTrade360™ as the front runner among its competitors from not only a cost standpoint, but
also a features and functions standpoint as well”, said RedLeaf’s managing partner, Sergei
The graph below illustrates how the new monthly pricing for NexTrade360™ compares to that of
its main competitors and to its former pricing. As you can see, it is now priced at or below what its
main competitors charge for barter exchanges that have between 150 and 550 members. At the
550 member mark, however, it becomes an even more attractive proposition due to the fact that
the monthly fee caps out at $500.00.

With NexTrade360™, barter exchange owners get access to an exceptionally robust array
of features supporting business development, customer relationship management (CRM),
brokering, billing, collections and accounting. A built-in content management system allows
exchange owners to customize the look and feel of their members’ area, email notices to
members, and strengthen their branding with custom logos and color themes. Most importantly,
a NexTrade360™ user can expect to see its bottom line increase significantly as employee
productivity is greatly enhanced through automatic invoicing, billing and collection capabilities.
“NexTrade360™ has been part of the foundation that has made our exchange so successful. We
have been running our exchange on NexTrade360™ since 2008 and have never looked back. It
has helped our exchange by increasing transactions, automating collections, and overall customer
satisfaction to name a few”, said Jason Bergenske, President and C.E.O. of The Barter Network
based in Winter Park, FL.
“Our transition to NexTrade360™ was easier than we expected, and the software is working
great! It has been easy to learn for the staff and our members, and member feedback has been
very positive. Best of all, the web-based technology and automated features are improving
customer service, saving us money, and freeing our time to work on improving and growing our
network”, said Leslie Swanson, President of the Vermont Barter Network based in Williston, VT.
RedLeaf Software has no affiliations with any barter exchanges and does not operate any
exchanges of its own thereby allowing it to remain a neutral party without any conflicts of interest
arising with its clients. RedLeaf Software is a member of IRTA.
Barter exchange owners interested in learning more about NexTrade360™ should call Kent
Scrivener at (888) 267-5007 or visit the NexTrade360™ website at


  1. To some degree NexTrade360 copied our fee plan at The Trade Alliance that was instituted over 7 years ago however their claim to be as inexpensive or less than other software suppliers is totally bogus.

    Compare Set up cost of The Trade Alliance – free if an exchange has 50 active members or more, NexTrade360 – $500.00, Monthly minimum fee, The Trade Alliance $25.00, NextTrade360 – $150.00.
    The Trade Alliance – No other fees for other services Regions free, NexTrade360 – $100.00 per month, other assorted fees from NexTrade – Data Migration $500.00- $1500.00, Additional Server resources $25.00 and it keeps going on with other services all of which The Trade Alliance supplies at no charge.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Alan. You are right, this fee schedule is not geared toward start-ups. We focus to cater to needs of established exchanges and our pricing reflects that.
    As for the fees you are mentioning, they only reflect cost of services not generally provided by other vendors at all. The Standard Service is what we use when comparing apples to apples. And it is all one need to run a successful exchange.

  3. At the end of the day, for every barter exchange, it all boils down to the best ROI (Return On Investment), understanding that “you get what you pay for”. As the president of Biz 2 Biz Commerce and having used 2 other exchange management software providers, I can attest, without exception, that Nextrade 360 is far and away the most robust, user friendly, attractive and feature rich barter software program we have ever used. The full blown, integrated CRM alone is worth it’s weight in gold. In just 2 short months, this software/service is already paying for itself based on the increased production of our brokers. Add the incredible response times and willingness to change and/or create functions to meet each barter exchange’s specific needs and not having to source it out to a third party programmer (often overseas) or wait until it becomes “profitable” for the software provider to make such changes, and we have found a combination unmatched by any other provider we have ever used or investigated. In my personal experience, cheaper rarely ever translates into better.


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