Discount Gift Certificate Website Launches Media Financing Program


Need to buy advertising for your restaurant, but don’t have the cash? Prefer to barter for your advertising? Own a media company and need to get more cash for your ad space? Now you can fulfill both of these desires through the Deal Pickle financing system. is a website which sells discounted gift certificates at 50% off to local businesses that aims to fill a gap between what advertisers want and what media companies have. Barter has been the last-resort closing tool of media companies for a century. While trading with advertisers is sometimes advantageous, many times media companies are left with stockpiles of bartered goods and services they can’t use or don’t know what to do with. Deal Pickle substitutes the traditional barter model for a sustainable cash-based model which helps media companies sell advertising to business owners who want to trade, while turning that trade in to cash.

“In the current economy, many media companies have ad space they’d love to sell, but no way to sell it without deep discounts or trading it to advertisers, neither of which pay the bills”, explains Tyler Seamons, VP of Marketing for Deal Pickle. “We’ve created a tool for media companies which gives them the leeway to offer a trade-for-ad-space scenario without hurting their bottom line. Our media partners increase their sales and their cash business, and their advertisers get a great deal on two effective promotions.”

Elmer Eberts, owner of Amerisave magazine, Deal Pickle’s first media partner in Louisiana, relates, “There is no doubt that having Deal Pickle as part of our team has closed more sales for us. The gift certificates are first rate and first quality. Merchants have returned to us and ordered more print advertising and are paying for their print advertising with funds generated through the sale of gift certificates on Deal Pickle.”

Deal Pickle was created by Beau Brewer, a Utah based programming guru and skydiving professional in 2007 to help Utah television stations reach a different class of advertiser – small business. “When we started, I bought large quantities of ad space and then traded it to smaller, popular businesses who wanted television advertising. We sold the certificates online and kept the difference. After realizing the potential of the system on a national and international scale, I went back to the drawing room and reprogrammed the software to handle traffic from anywhere. Now our system is set up to easily handle gift certificate financing for any media company, anywhere.”

After a successful test of the system in Louisiana and Mississippi in 2011, Deal Pickle is now working with media companies in ten states and 23 markets, ships thousands of gift certificates all over the United States every week, and has helped media companies finance hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad sales since the end of the software’s beta test in January of 2011.

When asked about the future of Deal Pickle, Beau said, “Our plan is to bring on as many media companies as possible and help them and their customers enjoy the benefits of increased exposure online and off.”

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