NexTrade 360 Releases New Version and 50% Off Offer


NexTrade360 has released a new version with many improvements across the board, including new optimized member shopping experience, intelligent search function, Google Calendar and Apple iCal integration, automated phone service and member promotions via text messaging.

In addition, NexTrad360 now offers more value by including at no additional cost access to:

* Searchable lead database to provide sales teams with important information on potential prospects, and

* Local phone number for 24/7 automated transaction processing and balance information.

Now through December 28th, exchange owners who sign a new contract with NexTrade360 will receive up to $3,200 in promotional discounts over the next 12 months of service by paying $300 reduced setup fee and only 0.375% of transaction volume monthly with a minimum of $100 and maximum of $250. An additional $500 discount reduces the cost of data migration, making it free in some of the cases.

For more information see their website at


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