Community Currency Book Gets Update


“Hometown Money”, an updated book by Paul Glover, explains stet-by-step how to start and maintain a community currency system.
The new 2013 edition of Hometown Money updates the 1995 first edition. Based on successes and failures in dozens of communities that followed his example, Glover believes that local currencies must be professionally managed. “National currencies have an army of brokers that constantly promote, facilitate and troubleshoot circulation. Likewise every local currency needs its own full-time networker.”

Another adjustment for modern times: electronic local credits like BitCoin and Time Banking have arisen since HOURS began. Yet Glover says that local paper currency retains an important role. “What is a nation without a flag, a corporation without a logo, or a community credit without its own cash?”

The fiscal cliff needs a fiscal bridge, he believes. “We’re not replacing dollars,” says Glover, “we’re replacing lack of dollars.”

But he emphasizes that local cash does more than stimulate local businesses, create jobs, and sell goods. It connects people as “friends, lovers and political allies.” He says, “we’re making a community while making a living.”


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