Barter 21 Adds New Features


At the annual Barter21 users meeting during the IRTA Convention, new features were rolled out for Barter21 software. Barter 21 provided a live demonstration of the features to attendees of the conference, and they are described below.

Limit Items Purchased

The Trading Floor will have the capability of limiting the number of items any one business can purchase. What has happened in the past is that one member will purchase them all, leaving nothing for everyone else. This new feature could come in handy when you have special items available for sale in limited quantity, but want to allow an opportunity for multiple members to purchase them. Simply set a limit to the number of how many “widgets” any one business can purchase. You now have complete control over your trading floor.

Printable and Redeemable Certificates

The other feature addition is printable and redeemable scrip and gift certificates. Modeled after the ease of use of products like Groupon or Living Social, members can now print their own scrip on demand.

Each certificate will have a QR code on it that can be redeemed by any employee of the merchant.

Here’s how it works – A member chooses a gift certificate or scrip from the Trading Floor. They can then print the scrip or download and email the scrip as a gift or reward. Once printed, the scrip can be redeemed at the merchant by any employee with a smart phone. THERE IS NO NEED TO LOG IN TO THE SOFTWARE. How easy is that? Simply scan the QR code with any bar code scanner and a “Redeem Now” page will come up – without having to log in. Once redeemed the certificate cannot be used again. Certificates can also be redeemed online by logging in to the selling member’s account and entering the unique code that is printed on the certificate.

This new feature should reduce the time and expense of printing and mailing or delivering scrip or gift certificates to you members.

Contact BCL for more information.


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