Exchange Trainers Permanently Reduces Prices


Full Disclosure: the owner of Barter News Weekly also owns Exchange Trainers.

At the beginning of this year the Barter Exchange Trainers permanently reduced the pricing associated with their online trade exchange management courses. What used to cost upwards of $1500 for life time access now costs only $49 per course, and $250 for all of them.

“I want more educated and confident people in the barter industry. Starting a barter exchange from scratch is a tough and rewarding career, emphasis on the tough. We’re confident that our programs help new exchange or relatively new exchange owners navigate the waters of exchange management in ways that we need to spread more. Our new pricing reflects our commitment to the industry and our desire to have more trained and solid professionals represented on the ground,” said Tyler Seamons, creator of Barter Exchange Trainers

All of the courses offered include audio, video, documents, and presentations that any exchange owner might need to increase sales, manage transactions, handle client communication, or understand the long term effects of their management choices.

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