New Barter Related App: BarterPoint


I was invited by the programmers of a new app, BarterPoint, to try it out.

First, it’s not great. It’s a little premature to invite someone like me to try it, in all fairness, as I get these invites about every week, and usually from very very young sites/apps. My suggestion to most of them is to get some customers, run through some iterations, and let me look at it later…but I digress.

BarterPoint is a not-very-elegant app to help people directly swap whatever they’ve got. The app forces a login/sign up process to view the few items that area available, but gives no advice as to how to do it or even that it is required. Only by messing around with the few options in the app was I able to figure it out. Luckily, the programmers did give few options so I didn’t have to go through menu after menu trying to figure anything out.

After I did login, there were no clues as to how to post something to barter, no offers of help…so I didn’t post anything to barter.

I did however get a glance at the other two things available. Clearly these guys have just barely released this alpha version to the public, because there were only two things available, and one of them said, “Car for all”.

Rating at this point: D+

The only points it scores is for having a nice landing page on the web. The app is useless right now.

Let this app grow up a bit and it might be more useful. In its current state, I’ve already decided to delete it. Sorry guys.


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