New Internet Barter Startup: TradeYa


Finally a new internet barter startup that does a good job…

Obviously I have reviewed some real stinkers here in recent weeks, but for a refreshing change, we finally have one that is doing something right. So right, in fact, that the California based TradeYa managed to acquire 1.1M in funding, mostly to help development proceed quicker and market the service.

The site is fee based, somewhat akin to what BarterQuest does, but it is a flat $3 charge for consummating a trade. They encourage you to trade locally, which mitigates problems with shipping and general knavery.

When you go to the home page, the interface is clean, modern and simple to follow. Signing up is a relative breeze, and very little information is required to set up an account. Their email verification sent quickly, and within about two minutes I was logged in to the website.

Unlike so many internet start ups, TradeYa’s software takes you though a very nice tutorial right from your first login. You are informed as to how to make a trade, how to search, how to set up something to trade, and you are taken right to the screen where you can input your first item to trade. Being the barter man that I am, I made advertising on this site available. After I uploaded a picture and a brief description, my advertising was made available. Then I was taken to the screen where the software displays what is available to trade for. Like most direct trading websites, the selection of items available ranges from used books and watches to clothing and video games. There seem to be some thousands or so people participating, but I was unable to find anything in my local market. What is likely is they haven’t done any advertising here and won’t for some time. Most of the items available showed a California market.

Overall, I had a great experience. My only complaint is that while they encouraged me to trade locally, they didn’t provide a way to see what is available in my local area. Each item available did say how far the item was from me in miles, but I couldn’t do an easy search for anything in, say, a 100 mile radius of my office.

I give TradeYa an A-. Clean, easy, well conceived.


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