Internet Barter Startup – Yerdle


The design and marketing of internet barter startups is getting better with time, which is a good thing. A new startup popped up on the radar today: Yerdle.

Yerdle is an online only barter exchange that does not charge cash fees (yet), that gives you 250 credits to spend just for joining. Joining is super easy, they offer account set up via Facebook or Google accounts. The sign up process takes about thirty seconds.

After you login, you have 250 credits to spend, and you’re presented with a long gallery of what is available for trade. Most of what is available is garage sale fodder.

Sadly, Yerdle does little to get past what all of the direct swap websites do. It has a nice polish and looks great, but it is still the same swap family as all of the other sites doing the same thing.


  1. When you start into giving credits kind of like barter dollars, does this not leave a problem where the IRS is involved? When you earn credits of at least $600, won’t the site have to issue a 1099 B to its members? I could be wrong but I see something that may get hurt as they grow.

  2. This company will definitely have problems with the IRS. Even though they say you are getting items for free, you still need to earn credits. Nothing is free. Credits are earned by ‘giving away’ items, then in turn used to purchase items. That is a barter exchange, which subjects them to the rules of the IRS.

    In response to Chris’ comment about $600 – for 1099Bs the minimum amount is $1, not $600. So all sellers in this exchange would require a 1099B.


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