ITEX Announces the Launch of Virtual Currency System Platform


ITEX announced at the 26th Annual Roth Capital Conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point, California, it is offering licenses for its cloud-hosted virtual currency software platform to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

ITEX utilizes the platform to power its own b2b business model and virtual currency, the ITEX dollar. VCS is offering the hosted operating system to enterprising businesses and end users interested in creating a centralized virtual currency model. A centralized system determines the amount of currency in circulation, based on many factors, including the needs of its consumer or business customers.

“Virtual currencies that supplement cash, check and credit card transactions or are used as promotional or reward tools are increasingly used in a variety of business models. As the marketplace becomes more innovative and the acceptance of these currencies grows, VCS is well positioned to support the development of this emerging industry,” stated Steven White, CEO of Virtual Currency Systems.

“Encrypted digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple or Litecoin are decentralized peer-to-peer payment platforms without a centralized authority. In contrast, VCS utilizes a centralized system where the licensee determines by its own policies and business objectives how to distribute, market, redeem and/or convert its own branded virtual currency.”

Mr. White concluded, “Our virtual currency platform is hosted on Windows Azure, a global cloud platform that offers the scalability and reliability that VCS requires to run efficiently.”


  1. I would imagine, knowing ITEX, it will be well overpriced but only time will tell. Also why would a franchisee like this idea? He paid all this money to ITEX and now they are going to allow others do the same thing at a lower cost. This could destroy their franchise base. If some of their franchisees break away and challenge this, they may end up with the same result as TradeBank in court. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out though.

    Chris Benton


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