Ormita is a Scam Says Dennis Smith

Is Ormita a Scam?

I received a tip from IRTA and then a very interesting email from a Dennis Smith regarding Ormita and Daniel Evans recently. For my readers that don’t know Daniel or Ormita, they are an exchange claimed to have had explosive international growth in their few years of business. From what I know of Daniel, he’s quite the jetsetter and has been all over the world setting up his super-exchange – something he calls an International Commerce Network.

Daniel hasn’t been without his detractors and has amassed a bit of a reputation for steamrolling anyone that disagrees with him.

I used to regularly receive email from a Ms. Selina Markham, an employee of Ormita, and their inventory has always seemed legitimate to me. That being the case, I was a little surprised to receive information from Dennis, who has says that he has tracked Daniel for 12 years and is finishing up a 60,000 word report following a major investigation  into Ormita, making two fairly wild claims: that Daniel Evans is not who he says he is, and that Ormita is not really a global company at all. As I reached out to Dennis, he agreed to do an interview to defend his conclusions. What follows is our conversation via email over a number of days.

Me: First, Dennis, I have to know, why did you write this? What would possess you to spend 12 years investigating one man, who, by all measures, isn’t very important?

Dennis: Nobody who has crossed swords with him would ever say that, Tyler! Unfortunately he can make his presence felt very successfully when he’s on the defence or out to get people who he thinks will undermine his current con.

I actually started asking questions when he sought my investment into his new barter business in 2002 in New Zealand. He put a couple of references into his marketing materials that I actually bothered to check out. The first reference didn’t even recall him at first, then when pushed, thought that Daniel was probably was the guy he had met in an elevator and exchanged cards with sometime previously. I could visualise the eyes of the second reference roll around in pain over the phone as he groaned and then shared his long story of trauma with Daniel!

That a guy who was selling something would put two dud references into his sales materials caught my attention. Something was obviously a little bit different, and it all started from there. I invested a bit into his business, watched him take the money and run with it; asked a few more questions; then in 2008/2009 I wrote a private report for the other shareholders saying essentially, we’ve basically lost our money, and he’ll probably carry on taking peoples’ money around the world, which has happened.

I wrote a blog post warning people that all was not well (Warning XO/Ormita etc [LINK: http://www.dennis.co.nz/2009/12/warning-xo-ozone-ormita-etc/]) and pretty much left it at that. That blog post became the most hit page on my entire website (of 500,000 words) so there was certainly something happening out there! Throughout 2014 the level of people contacting me got to the point that I just couldn’t sit back and watch people lose money hand over fist when I could do something about it.

Me: You use the word con. Is Ormita somehow a con? Your investigating Daniel could just be a case of sour grapes…

Dennis: In answer to your question, the answer is, “Yes, Ormita is a con”. Ormita can be best described as ‘a conscious programme of deception; a litany of lies resulting in an international trail of trauma’.

The facts are that Daniel Evans is a convicted fraudster, found guilty in a court of law in New Zealand of multiple charges of dishonesty.

The facts are that he is an Australian, born David James Anthony Harlow, but now he claims to be a New Zealander (Kiwi) and changed his name to Daniel Mensi Evans. I give more details in The Ormita Report even including the reference number of his Australian birth certificate if anybody wants to check these facts.

The facts are that Daniel creates and uses aliases and false identities to create the impression that Ormita has multiple staff and incredible turnover. His lawyer a so-called Julia Vinson doesn’t exist and her image used on LinkedIn was a stolen identity from the wife of a university employee in the USA. Communications to and from Julia Vinson are to and from Daniel himself posing as Julia. There are many more aliases like that too.

The facts are that Ormita is not and has never been what he claims it to be with 3.4 billion dollars of trade annually! Many of us in the industry have suspected this about Daniel and Ormita. Anyone can do what I did – ask questions; find the answers and publish them, but I am the one who just did it.

The Ormita Report details a lot more about this conman what he does, and how he does what he does but these are all facts.

Your second comment though suggesting the possibility of sour grapes is a little more difficult to address. At the outset of the investigation I simply wanted to know the truth and publish the facts as I said before, as a result of a lot of people coming to me seeking my advice. I sought backing, backed myself and entered into a major private investigation, I thought to find the truth and just get it out there. During the investigation though my take on the whole situation changed and I came to the conclusion that just speaking about the facts was not enough. I determined that there was so much collateral damage from this guy around the globe that he simply had to be stopped, thus my motives went from just trying to cover my costs, finding the facts and getting them out there . . . to actively promoting those facts and working with others (like yourself) to stop this man. Hence the YouTube video, the Selena Markham website, The Ormita Report Media Kit and other online activities.

No sour grapes Tyler, just a determination to get the word out there and stop a white collar criminal from conning any more victims.

Me: Ok, so I have been receiving email from a woman at Ormita named Selina Markham for a long time. Is she a legitimate person? I had always assumed she is…and as a second, follow up to the question about Selina, I notice on Facebook that it is her birthday today. She has what seems to be a legitimate profile picture, we have five friends in common, her profile says she’s married and lives in Brisbane. Her marketing messages may not be very original in content or execution, but they seem real. How can you be sure she isn’t real?

Dennis: She’s a real person all right – it’s just that she is not a female and not who ‘she’ says ‘she’ is!

You’ve raised an interesting point though and that is the different levels of proof – beyond reasonable doubt is a legal definition that I’m happy with though. Proving anything (especially something negative) like the fact that Selina doesn’t exist is not simple, but the website www.selinamakham.com explains this identity theft in greater detail and gives the proof of a fraud showing where the stolen photograph was scraped from – a musician in the UK. I have spoken personally to the original photographer Rob Dunsford who has confirmed that Selina is a stolen identity. So we have proof that there is identity theft and fraud.

Linking this fraud to Daniel Evans though goes like this:

I have proved that Selina’s identity is a fraud (www.selinamarkham.com)- that’s the big one and a good starting point. I can prove that none of her Facebook friends have ever met her (In fact I haven’t actually contacted ALL of them though but enough for me to make a judgement call, again beyond reasonable doubt) – that’s now very strong supporting evidence. I can show that all her communication styles match that of Daniel Evans, He has a unique way of thinking and talking – quite distinctive, so now this is starting to look very much like yet another Daniel Evans alias. We can see that all her interests match his and that her timelines broadly match Daniel’s – when he is in one region, she too gains interests and befriends those in the Barter or business worlds where he is, and that every single post she makes online is Ormita-related – that’s starting to look for sure like a Daniel Evans alias. Then there are things that I can’t share publicly – feedback from people in the industry who have had various experiences where Selina (supposedly in Australia) responds in support of Daniel when he is on a con, or in a conflict situation which is the middle of the night in her time zone.

There are many other little clues too like no personal information about her on any of her and many other little unnatural pieces of the puzzle; similarities to other aliases he uses. There is also information that comes to me from sources close to Daniel and Ormita who share information that cannot be shared for fear of their identification – he has made a lot of enemies and people who hate will often talk about these sorts of things.

In the process of investigating you can’t just follow a hunch and find all the pieces that support that hunch, you have to really want to know the truth and simply let the evidence take you where it leads you. I have actually deliberately sought to find anything that actually validates her real identity, because there is a possibility that everything could perhaps be coincidence. In the absence of anything that proves the real identity, then I let the evidence speak for itself. I found nothing to support the contention that Selina was who she said she was and a truckload of evidence to the contrary. If it walks, talks and quacks like a duck . . . we’ll it’s a duck!

Lastly, the call when or if I go public with this information is a big one. On my investigation website I identified two fraudulent identities at the outset and provided the proof. This was enough for the public to see that Daniel and Ormita did conduct fraudulent impersonation, but I didn’t share all my knowledge. I have released the results of my investigation into Selina in The Ormita Report, thus making it a public claim but I’ve investigated more of his fraudulent online identities and aliases apart from this one. As they say, but wait, there’s more!

When you make a claim like this, you’ve got to be ready to defend it. I am, and rest assured that I would welcome increased exposure of this conman’s activities – through you or the courts!

Selina Markham is a pure fabrication created and used as an alias by Daniel Evans for the purposes of sustaining the Ormita fraud.

Me: What about all the pictures Daniel has on Facebook? He is clearly depicted in Ormita offices all over the place. Are those in business or not? It would be quite a chore to falsify all of those photos…and there are a lot of them. The UAE opening comes to mind. Are you saying there isn’t an office of Ormita in the UAE?

Dennis: These are good questions for they reveal Daniel’s modus operandi and why the Ormita fraud is so hurtful to the victims. There are also two types of falsification of Ormita’s Social Media presence . . . fully false identities generated from scratch by the master fraudster (stealing photos from the Internet in order to trick people by impersonation) and misleading use of real information (claiming that past people/contacts are still current or using real people’s Social Media presence on behalf of them for his own benefit). Daniel does both.

Daniel’s MO is to move into a new country, talk VERY big, take the money and get out fast. During that time he works the victim over heavily for marketing material such as Facebook befriending, Ormita office photos, staff photos with the Ormita logo and so on. These are all easy to get and are gold to a conman because they were genuine AT THE TIME. The only way you’d know that they are no longer current is to do the investigation I have!

The fraudster always encourages the victim to do a public launch because ir gives him more valuable publicity material, but also more importantly it locks his victim into an embarrassment that is too hard to back out of. When the victims twig that something’s not going right, it’s generally too late for their own reputation and so they have little choice to just fade away and keep quiet about the entire fraud.

All relationships that Daniel has ever established in Ormita have all broken down, and most of them within a month or two. Doing the investigation was not easy in this area because Daniel established and controls even to this day Facebook pages for many of the Ormita Agencies himself when they all die. Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Poland, India, USA the UAE and most of the rest of them are all dead, but their Facebook pages still remain somewhat active!

The answer to UAE specifically is . . . Yes the office was established. Yes the opening occurred. Yes the photos of the opening are real. Yes, the people are real . . . but the UAE Ormita agency closed down on the first day when the Ormita trainer arrived to commence training when the licensee realised that the trainer knew less than he did and the whole thing was a joke, and a con. He basically turfed Daniel and Ormita out the window in a twinkling but his photo is still on the Internet and the branch is still listed as a part of the Ormita network and the office opening photos remain! Despite his multiple requests for Daniel to remove it all, Daniel hasn’t obliged, for as I said, this is all gold for a fraudster!

Me: You say all of the relationships Daniel established have all broken down. That’s a very intense categorical statement. Are you saying there are literally no currently operating offices of Ormita anywhere? Or are you saying that Daniel has no confirmed partnerships anywhere? Or both?

Dennis: The statement that ALL relationships have broken down is broadly true but there are different levels of breakdown so the corollary that there is NO Ormita operating office as a result is not EXACTLY true. Slovenia has only just signed on (February 2014) so if they follow the normal pattern then their relationship will die by mid year, probably with little or no trading at all but wild claims of large membership, but they could still exist. South Korea for example is just one older man but with no meaningful trading. Just ask the Israel Agency what they think and how they’re doing and you’ll find that nothing is happening and the relationship has broken down irretrievably! The pattern is the same over the entire world.

The longest personal relationship that I’ve identified in the last 13 years was that of his civil union with Tarsis Ludi Evans (nee Alves) that as far as I can determine lasted around three years. The longest business relationship that I’ve identified is that of the ‘struggling’ Ormita Italy agency that appears to have kept going for 2 years but if you were a fly on the wall in their office you’d witness a lot of pain and Daniel will be seen to be the prime cause of it. Before that his relationship with Jim Gielarowski lasted just over a year. Every other relationship that I’ve seen (in both a personal and business sense) has only ever lasted months. Daniel has discussed this very difficulty with me personally. It’s far from a secret and I would note also that this was THE biggest factor of concern that I identified to the Ozone/Ormita shareholders in my first report and investigation 2008/2009.

The importance of this all in a business sense is that relationships built on fraudulent claims will always create stress when the victims find out they’ve been lied to – so Daniel not only destroys relationships quickly he also sets them up to fail with his techniques of chronic deception.

Me: Sounds like someone with problems discerning reality from fiction. I’ve never met Daniel, but he seems lucid…is all of this deception intentional? Is he just a pirate trying to hijack people and their money? Or is he trying to set up a legitimate business and just failing spectacularly?

Dennis: That’s a hard call to make Tyler because you are raising the issue of motive and determining motive is a different beast from just getting the facts and identifying the fraud. I’ve actually chosen not to answer that question (whether he’s just a greedy conman or a man, as you say, who lives in another world of his own making). In the report I discuss his psychiatric issues briefly and I make the best guess that it’s a mixture of both.

The bottom line though is that his actual conduct is what one has to look at, assess and judge and the clear results of his conduct are trauma, serious collateral damage and lots of people in the barter world who have had their fingers burned.

Me: What’s your estimate on how many people and how much damage has been done? What is the nature of the fraud? Is he making promises he can’t keep or taking money on false claims? What has he done that is illegal; aside from misrepresent himself and Ormita?

Dennis: The angle I’ve taken has been more to identify the modus operandi, and get the facts out there (which counters the extraordinarily prolific deception) rather than to find the money or quantify the losses.

Your questions though dig into what the fraud is, so let me explain the essence of the fraud:

1. Establish a brand that has a digital/virtual presence in dozens of countries, using VOIP and serviced offices. I show in great detail in The Ormita Report how he did this in 2008.

2. Claim an ultra-high membership and trade volume. Almost quarter of a million members around the globe and 3.4 billion of annual trade is the oft-repeated claim!

3. Validate the claims through myriads of websites, multiple fake Social Media identities, a wide range of repeated news articles and self-generated ‘authorities’. In The Ormita Report I explain the biggest con of all, which was an amazing act of chutzpah in London in 2011.

4. Secure software for a trading platform. Dishonesty and conflict occurred here too BTW!

5. Sell licenses for the various country agencies based on the false pretences – which is then, “Yes” to one of your questions.

Lawyers can take the facts I have found and determine the actual crimes in their own jurisdictions. Identity theft for commercial gain plus commercial gain based on fraudulent claims are crimes in most jurisdictions that I know of. One of the things that makes a difference is the context in which misrepresentations occur. Telling a mate down at the pub that you’ve got a billion dollar business is a far cry from establishing an elaborate fraud with deliberate intent to deceive for commercial gain!

There will be more that comes out of the woodwork I’m sure, but I’ve not been privy to everything nor am I a forensic accountant.

Losses for the victims range from just a few hundred dollars from minor investors to hundreds of thousands for some Ormita Licensees. They include direct licensee fees as well as consequential losses. Many report the wasted time, embarrassment and emotional trauma to be as much, if not more costly than the actual financial losses.

Me: So what’s your advice then to people in regards to dealing with Daniel & Ormita?

Dennis: Stay right away from them; as far as you can. If you’re entangled in the web of deception that surrounds Ormita just cut your losses as soon as you can and walk. The Ormita Report has a section in it specifically addressing this very issue, how to extricate yourself and avoid the inevitable pain that will come from disengaging.

If you’ve spent money on the basis of the wild claims of billions in trade volume you will likely be able to make a criminal complaint. Litigation in a commercial sense is likely to be a waste of time but would very likely succeed based on the evidence in The Ormita Report but as far as I can tell the barrel is very much empty! They do say that empty barrels make the most noise eh?

You can get The Ormita Report at www.theormitareport.com. Enter the promotional code BARTER if you’re in the barter industry for a half price offer. Enter the promotional code BUGGER if you’ve been ripped off and it’s yours for $10. Law Enforcement’s promotional code is STOPTHISMAN for obvious reasons and I give it to them at no charge.

It’s a developing story and I can assure you that there will be more news probably very shortly as some of the people I have spoken to take their own matters further. I’m also very sure that The Ormita Report will give others the evidence and also confidence to do things they wished that they could have if they had the evidence.

Thanks for the opportunity to share more here, Tyler. Faafetai Uso [Samoan for “Thank you brother”]


  1. Dear Group.

    I have recently been made aware of the comments by Mr Dennis Smith.

    As a background to Mr Smiths comments:

    In 2002 we had a software company called XO Limited. That company had some 20 employees in New Zealand. Seperately we ran a barter company called Ozone Barter.

    Ozone Barter was, as Mr Smith also agrees, moderately successful. It had some 1400 business members of which around 80% were shared with a second barter company. The reality was that we knew little of the barter business in those days and our network was based on price above service.

    In Dec 2005/2006 we thought to expand that brand to Australia – using the same discount methodology to attract those who already knew about barter. In hindsight this was a very big mistake. We attracted shareholders for the venture and launched it in a year later.

    Before attracting even 200 clients the business failed. We had no access to a software platform any more and the business could not be sustainable without one. In short, we ran out of operational capabilities.

    Rather than close that company we kept it in limbo. It had no debt but no assets and it was a good idea, in my mind, to keep it on the shelf to give it a license from what is, today, Ormita.

    This was, in hindsight a mistake.

    In 2009 Mr Smith proposed to seize control of that company. His attempt was not successful for the kep factor that Mr Smith was an unpaid shareholder in the business. The company had no cash assets but no debt so was not, technically, insolvent and was on the shelf. He still portrays himself as a paid shareholder in that operation but this is not the case.

    Ormita, however, today is a large company with offices in multiple countries. To say it is a “one man band” is incorrect.

    Indeed – and more importantly – our platform is completely transparent.

    Taking Mr Logies concept of having certain transparencies of client movements and so on we built Ormita into a “social network”. This social network for barter operates today at http://www.ormitatrading.com

    Indeed – anyone who does not believe our client numbers or turnover can register free of charge – (you do not need to trade to “investigate” the platform) and see the “movements” in real time of clients on the system. You can see who logs in, who updates their profile, who adds products, who searches and what they are searching for. You can connect to other members and see what is available for trade.

    In short: You can SEE everything that Mr Smith says is not “real” and that he claims does “not exist”.

    As far as our staffing – Ormita worldwide has more than 100 people in various parts of the world. We have more than ample evidence of our office addresses, staffing etc. We have videos of customer functions and events and office launches and newspaper clippings in various countries.

    Most importantly we have no deficit spending, no debt to clients generated by Ormita itself and we do not have any customer, that I am aware of, that is unhappy with Ormita and unable to redeem their credits for something else in our network.

    These are very simple facts to ascertain from our transparent platform.

    Moreover, other barter companies Owe Ormita – with only one exception. These include Hudson Barter Exchange, ForBarterTravel, BarterFirst and others.

    We do have various call centre staff of mixed Filipinos, Jamacians, Indians, Chinese who operate under english psuedonyms for simplicty – but you can also speak to them in real life and ask them as well. Our two longest running employees are both Indian and have been with the firm for 5 years. Our second longest running is Chinese and has been with the firm for 4 years.

    Mr Smith seems to be on a vendetta which is ongoing in relation to a failed company that, on the face of it, I thought I did the right thing by saving. They say no good deed goes unpunished but in attempting to roll it out later as Ormita Australia this seems to be true. Funneling money and time in it to activate it from its ashes as a former barter company also seems to be true.

    Anyone who wants to view our client movements on our platform, search the platform etc is more than welcome.

    Anyone who wants a list of office address, phone and staff names is more than welcome to it.

    You’re also welcome to talk to our staff in person.

    I welcome anyone to simply register at http://www.ormitatrading.com to find out more.

    Without giving a point by point rebuttal – facts speak for themselves.

    When registering you will also find the “source” of the software – and that it is PHP based – has nothing to do with XO Limited or any historic business, does not operate in the same fashion or anything else. More importantly you can see client movement on it.

    • I received this from Dennis today:

      > Daniel has come out with his first reply, and he’s not fighting like an angry bull like I had assumed he would. Care to reply to it?

      With pleasure Tyler.

      Please first take note that the fraudster does not address the substantive claims of The Ormita Report in which I conclude without a shadow of a doubt that Daniel Evans is a conman extraordinaire, and Ormita a total fraud.

      What else can a conman do when exposed, other than to repeat the lies, and undertake an ad hominem attack?

      > In 2002 we had a software company called XO Limited.

      This was nothing to do with Ormita! Despite claims of “we” and false claims that Ormita went back to 1999, 2001 and other false dates, the company was actually only created AFTER the demise of XO.

      As I reveal in The Ormita Report XO was Daniel’s biggest scam duping investors out of millions (in NZD). The disgruntled investors eventually evicted Daniel as a director through the Courts of Auckland. This is a serious legal act that (according to commentators) is actually quite rare and requires STRONG EVIDENCE to be successful. Daniel was found to be unsuitable to be a director of a company by an independent judge in a court of law. Wow!

      > In hindsight this was a very big mistake.
      > the business failed.
      > we ran out of operational capabilities.
      > this was, in hindsight a mistake.

      I concur with the conman’s take in all of the above. His business was ill-conceived, projections over-stated and poorly run. It was a major flop, all investors lost their money and Daniel was the brains and sole Director at all times. This pattern has repeated with Ormita for nigh on 5 years. As I’ve shown ALL Ormita partner relationships have ended in tears, usually in months.

      > In 2009 Mr Smith proposed to seize control of that company. He still portrays himself as a paid shareholder in that operation but this is not the case.

      Apart from the ad hominem distraction it actually is, this claim is factually incorrect, and I have documentation from Daniel stating as the Director that what I detailed in The Ormita Report is totally correct. I summarise this in Chapter 3. Disclosure Statement:

      I am a shareholder of Ormita Australia Ltd (Ozone NZ Ltd was the previous iteration of Ormita Australia Ltd) with a share parcel of 4,000 shares of which 1,000 are paid-up. In 2008 I established the Ozone Shareholders’ Google Group and chaired a Special Shareholders’ Meeting in January of 2009.

      The meeting was called by a disgruntled investor Keith Bowen, and supported by another very concerned investor Alvin Relph. I simply chaired the meeting. The entire minutes of the Special Shareholders Meeting are in The Ormita Report.

      Please also note that the one of the conman’s techniques of manipulation is to issue shares to people, get what he can from them at the time, then threaten to “call the rest up” when he himself is threatened. I detail how he uses this trick many times over the years in the Chapters exposing Daniel’s Modus Operandii. He tried it on me after publication of The Ormita Report. I pretty just ignore such ‘games’.

      > Ormita, however, today is a large company with offices in multiple countries. To say it is a “one man band” is incorrect.

      Well, the show must go on eh? Ormita IS as The Ormita Report proves “little more than a one-man-band”. My extensive research has revealed Ormita to actually consist (in 2013) of Daniel Evans plus three young men running the fraud, all of them, particularly Daniel, taking turns at pretending to be many people (customer support, IT support, in-house lawyer etc).

      I provide extensive evidence and explanation of the true nature of the Ormita fraud in the report. Live evidence of this ongoing fraud can be found at http://www.selinamarkham.com where (for just one example of many) evidence can be found of this identity theft and misrepresentation.
      Ormita has no Head Office. It exists and has only ever existed where one man Daniel Evans resides.

      Virtually all counties are either serviced offices or VOIP phone services!

      > Indeed – and more importantly – our platform is completely transparent.

      I disagree that this is more important. This is more of a distraction and red herring. More importantly is that the entire Ormita operation is a fraud. There are 60,000 words of evidence in The Ormita Report that show how Daniel Evans has built the con from ground up following the failure of his previous businesses and eviction as a director. I show with real evidence how the conman created the impression of grandeur from the outset using VOIP numbers and a digital magic; how he generated extraordinary numbers out of thin air and a very large Internet presence under the Ormita name. I show in extraordinary detail how he uses people to perpetuate the fraud.

      > In short: You can SEE everything that Mr Smith says is not “real” and that he claims does “not exist”.

      On the contrary the current (and new) Ormita trading platform is a perfect example of how the fraud is playing out right infront of our very eyes for all to see!

      Ormita’s databases are actively being populated at present (February/March 2014). Data is being scraped from the web and entered by Daniel and subcontractors (I suspect from India). Marketing by email (aka Spam) also occurs. My research has revealed that 20% have old or wrong phone numbers and many have no, or little knowledge of the Ormita brand and system.

      It also reveals that virtually all requests to connect are responded to! Anyone can try it – I know of false companies and names entered in as tests from all over the globe. There is no validating procedure and while I can’t share some things because of the sources rest assured that there is AMPLE evidence in the Ormita Trading Platform of the fraud!

      What I can reveal though is that in our own sampling data not one company responded positively and engaged – at all. This is typical of a data entry project. Growth numbers follow a flatline, not the normal bell curve of an exchange growth and statistics and terminology in Daniel’s marketing materials also contain evidence of the fraud.

      Much more importantly though NOT ONE company in the surveys my investigators have conducted has recorded a single trade. I will repeat that – NOT ONE RESPONDENT HAS RECORDED A SINGLE TRADE!

      I provide further evidence that membership numbers and turnover figures are deliberately falsified in The Ormita Report.

      I repeat the findings of The Ormita Report – claims that Ormita has some quarter of a million members in dozens of countries with 3.4 billion dollars of annual trade are false. Ormita is a fraud.

      > As far as our staffing – Ormita worldwide has more than 100 people in various parts of the world.

      Nonsense! Ormita has no physical offices anywhere except for the Italy licensee and (I assume) the newly opened Slovenia Agency that opened part way through my investigation. All other licensees are either single individuals or those disgruntled with their poor investment into the Ormita scam or operations fully closed down after failure and numbers redirected to Daniel via VOIP.

      My investigation into Ormita’s staffing numbers ended at the end of 2013, but from feedback (as yet unsubstantiated) 2014 appears to be more of the same – Daniel’s current hideout is in Pretoria, South Africa. There is no Head Office. He uses short-term subcontractors in various countries around the world and false online stolen identities as aliases to create the impression that Ormita is a large operation. I’ve done the research and asked the questions. I have the facts. Ormita does not even have a dozen people on staff, let alone 100 people!

      > We have more than ample evidence of our office addresses, staffing etc.

      Listen to these words and think about them Tyler. Only a conman would use this terminology. A real company has no need for “evidence” of something. Nike has no need of “evidence” of their physical buildings or staffing levels! This is the mind of a conman trying to justify a con.

      > We have videos of customer functions and events and office launches and newspaper clippings in various countries.

      So what? Of course a conman will generate news articles and promote them far and wide and they are all used to great effect in the con. Daniel continues to leverage past relationships and old marketing events to perpetuate the fraud. Just check the current status of ANY of the Ormita launches. New Zealand, Australia, Hong Jong, Singapore, China, Pakistan, Dubai, Poland, Cyprus, USA, Mexico, Israel . . . they are all dead or dying! Many never even got to first base. Dubai closed on the first day of training when the licensee saw straight away that the whole thing was a con!

      In The Ormita Report I show smoking gun evidence of this deliberate and disgusting practice where the good name of various victims is used, used and reused deliberately (and against their repeated requests) to present Ormita today for what it isn’t.

      > Mr Smith seems to be on a vendetta …

      Nonsense, again! My open letter to Daniel Evans on publication of The Ormita Report (http://www.dennis.co.nz/2014/03/open-letter-to-daniel-evans-ormita/) makes my motivations and thoughts on the entire Ormita fraud VERY clear. When there is manipulation, lies and deception (and especially with the trail of trauma around the globe that Daniel has caused), then I will tackle that fraud head-on and do it fearlessly. As I said before liars and thieves beware of a dedicated truthseeker. Daniel just seems to have gotten in my way!

      > Without giving a point by point rebuttal – facts speak for themselves.

      Again, if one cannot rebut point by point, one has to ignore the points and simply present the con – again and again.

      The more than 200 pages of evidence in The Ormita Report do bring the facts to light.

      My findings?

      The Australian born Daniel Mensi Evans (aka David James Anthony Harlow) is a convicted fraudster, a conman of the highest order and Ormita is a fraud.

      There will be more news to follow I’m very sure!


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