Dennis Smith Continues to Pressure Daniel Evans and Ormita


Dennis Smith, author of the Ormita Report, continues to publish and put pressure on Ormita and Daniel Evans. In a recent post on he explains the long term plan for pressuring and prosecuting, where possible, any fraudulent behavior. In one section, he describes the criminal complaints he and other are entering in to in different areas throughout the world.

You are already the subject of criminal complaints recently laid in multiple jurisdictions around the world. I will continue to assist these complainants. More complaints will follow as I help justice to be done and to help ensure that you pay for your crimes.

There is more to this than simply making you accountable, for I believe that criminal complaints are a very effective way to prevent you escaping from reality – either by obfuscation, use of deception, hiding or running away to another country. In this regard I have observed that:

  • Police tend to focus more on facts and evidence thus are less inclined to believe your fantasies
  • Police have the power to force you to attend hearings and now with your crimes committed internationally you will likely be fighting the authorities in multiple jurisdictions thus Interpol is likely to be involved.
  • You have many people around the globe who are actively seeking your arrest and punishment. They are encouraging me in my endeavour to obtain justice.

Most of the criminal complaints I am aware of focus in the area of False Pretenses but there are procedural, compliance issues and identity theft that I will also be following up and helping with. Your declarations on various travel documents and company declarations will come into scrutiny. For example your actions as a director of a company in New Zealand within 5 years of conviction of a crime of dishonesty are the subject of one criminal complaint that I know of. I will also be encouraging the authorities to investigate your multiple identities and use of passports.

If these accounts are true, then the heat must be getting very intense for Daniel Evans and anyone associate with Ormita. Read the rest of the report at


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