How Do You Give a Criminal a Get Out of Jail Free Card?


You all know I’ve been poking in to the whole Ormita/Daniel Evans story for a couple of weeks now. Until yesterday, there was one piece of the story I hadn’t thought about too much or too deeply: The City of London Report.

“Ormita is little more than a one-man-band using smoke and mirrors to scam investors from around the globe,” says Mr Smith.

-The Ormita Report

If the above statement is true, and from my research it certainly seems true, how does a criminal get and keep a get-out-of-jail-free card?

How does a one-man-band using smoke and mirrors continue to skate around the world, taking new investment money, burning investors in his wake, without eventually meeting some resistance?

The easiest way to perpetuate a fraud is to get some kind of official document from a reputable source that shows that:

1) you are legitimate

2) your business is legitimate

3) you can be trusted because the due diligence has already been done by a trusted third party

4) you can be trusted because the third party is a government whose reputation is beyond contestation

If you really want to make your con stick, you get one of these kind of documents. That way, when you run up against resistance, you can point to it and say, “What? No! Look at this! These guys have more clout with you than my detractors. Those other guys are just jealous…” And then your new victims investors will sign the check.

Put the document all over the internet in PDF format, and you have even more leverage over your detractors, wouldn’t you say?

If you want the con to work even that much better, get a government sanction. Only a conspiracy theorist will zig when a government zags.

If you can manage to get a government sanctioned document showing your superiority in a marketplace, you shouldn’t have any problems bilking people out of their money… I mean, ask the Federal Reserve, they’ve been doing it for a century…but I digress…

The City of London Corporation, officially and legally the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, is the municipal governing body of the City of London, the historic centre of London and the location of much of the UK’s financial sector [emphasis added]. …

The corporation claims to be the world’s oldest continuously elected local government body. Both businesses and residents of the City, or “Square Mile”, are entitled to vote in elections, and in addition to its functions as the local authority – analogous to those undertaken by the boroughs that administer the rest of London – it takes responsibility for supporting the financial services industry and representing its interests [emphasis added].[2]

According to the Ormita Report, in early 2011 the City of London sought feedback for an official report on the barter industry, counter trade, and reciprocal trade. Daniel Evans of Ormita responded to the opportunity. The City of London commissioned a report from Z/Yen (A UK think tank/research company). Daniel had been presenting Ormita for several years as the world’s largest multilateral commerce network claiming various astronomical membership and volume numbers. Over the course of some time and with the ease only a conman can create from nothing, he became more or less the only voice Z/Yen heard from the industry, and was thus able to feed them information about Ormita that, at best, were fabrications, at worst, outright fraud. In the process of gathering evidence, IRTA attempted to warn Z/Yen of Daniel’s fabrications, but because of the influence Daniel held, was able to bend the ear of Z/Yen in his anti-IRTA stance.

Eventually the City of London Report was released, and published to the world the non-sensical figures conjured up by Daniel. His get-out-of-jail-free card was written and available for anyone to see.

Perhaps the report would not have been so important or effective if it had come from the City of Idaho Falls or even the City of Grand Rapids…but the City of London is a centuries old financial hub. Their word on financial matters is trusted the world ’round. It’s as if the Federal Reserve endorsed Ormita as the leader in barter and trade. Take that report to a bank just about anywhere, and I’m sure they’d give you a loan. Show it to prospective investors and they’d be happy to open up their wallets and give you whatever you want.

When you have a trusted government giving you the thumbs up, what does it matter what anyone else says?

There’s much more to the City of London Report, but you’ll need to refer to the official Ormita Report for the details. Needless to say, Daniel managed to get the perfect document to continue his fraud.

You can read the City of London Report for yourself below. Ask yourself if you had your company’s name on this report if you couldn’t command attention around the world.



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