Name and Shame of Ormita Supporters Likely to Continue


Dennis Smith is a man on a mission.

And that mission isn’t likely to be over until he sees Daniel Evans broke, busted, and/or jailed.

According to Dennis, while appreciative of the efforts of David Polo to disable Ormita’s software and effectively cripple the organization by making it unable to process transactions, the job of permanently disabling Ormita is not over.

Specifically Dennis will continue to take aim at anyone who has continued to support Daniel Evans or Ormita until they have either given up their support or disappeared altogether.

Dennis also claims that civil litigation and criminal charges have been filed in various countries by various individuals led by the efforts of Sam Fanous. If true, the safety net that Daniel had constructed for himself may be disappearing as safe havens for his work will dry up under increased scrutiny from police organizations around the world, Interpol included.



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