Ormita New York Office Located in College Dormitory?


A press release posted April 1st by Gigi David to http://www.pressreleasesonline.net/2014/04/ormita-building-your-business-with.html has an interesting detail that we decided to follow up on after reading the release.

The Ormita office listed in the press release is located at 180 Broadway, New York, NY, and Gigi David works from said office.

The official Ormita website has the New York Ormita office at 250 Fifth Avenue, run by Bill McCollum.

Which one is correct?

I can’t discern. Gigi won’t respond to my email. I’ve never heard from Bill either.

If we go with the new address listed in the press release, 180 Broadway, the Ormita office is supposed to be located inside what is now a college dormitory.

If we go with the old address from the Ormita website, there is no office rented to any business of that name or any like it or any in the industry.

So, if Ormita isn’t in a college dorm or in their former address, where is the Ormita New York office? And if Gigi David is working from New York, like the press release suggests, is she working from a dorm room?

The more we follow up on simple, internet-searchable due diligence, one begins to wonder how Ormita was able to continue to recruit and collect money from investors and new franchisees for the last number of years. By all of our research and that of the Dennis and the Ormita Report, Ormita is a house of cards glued together by the spit and duct tape of Daniel Evans, with only a few operating offices, one in a notably desirable tourist destination (Italy).

So the big question on our minds remains: what enabled Daniel to continue to operate and recruit even in the face of such simple due-diligence problems like those of where an office is located?


  1. I hate watching people get hurt by con artists. I did some quick lookups of other office addresses that Ormita has listed. All of them that I found were virtual offices. This guy has no shame and should find a rock to crawl back under. Hopefully that rock will be in a jail cell.


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