Second Interview with Dennis Smith


After the Ormita software went down, effectively crippling the organization in all respects, for the short term at least, I reached out to Dennis Smith, author of the Ormita Report, to get his take on the latest turn of events and to find out what he anticipates for the future.

Seems like the horse is finally being put down. How does it feel having effectively killed Ormita?

It’s a good feeling in the sense that I’ve done a difficult job, and succeeded. Delivering the report on time as I promised was important to me. It’s still feels good that the “horse has been put down” but it is not as exciting for me as it is for others, because I knew long beforehand that Ormita’s demise was inevitable once The Ormita Report came out.

You picked on David Polo and Time Management pretty heavily in your supporters meter recently. Why? And do you think they are intentionally helping perpetuate a fraud or are they just victims trying to recoup a sunk cost?

I listed David Polo as RED in my Ormita Supporter’s Meter up until the time that he pulled the plug and deleted the software and data because he was up until that time an active perpetuator of the fraud. The instant he pulled the plug though, I listed him as GREEN. David presents himself as a victim and a victim only. That’s his prerogative and it is clearly in his commercial interests to do that but I know a lot more about his role. While it is true he has got caught, it’s not quite that simple. He was a very willing business partner in the fraud for a long time and he knew of Daniel’s dishonesty for over a year. I consider him highly exposed.

Have you any communications with Daniel since you published TOR? What has he done, or what will he do? Where is he?

Yes, Daniel and I have communicated several times. More recently he’s slipped me a couple of short emails variously defending his rights to the software and showing a range of emotions. A couple of days after I published The Ormita Report I got the usual threatening phone calls. “I’m gonna sue you!” “I’m gonna start my own investigation into the SWAP Foundation and we’ll have TWO investigations going on!” “What sort of Christian are you? Where in the bible does it say to treat others like you are doing?” and that sort of thing. This is par for the course with Daniel.

I set firm boundaries for communications, like requiring all phone communications to be recorded and on the record and he tried to engage but couldn’t comply, so he chose to revert to email only. He did the homosexual hit-piece following that first exchange where I effectively stood up to his childish games.

I stopped actively researching Daniel and his whereabouts and activities after publication of The Ormita Report but last I knew he had moved from Pretoria to Cape Town. Following termination of his new software by Time Management, Daniel has been obviously working through grief. From the communications I have seen he is variously angry, hurt, depressed, bargaining, scheming, resigned to the loss and so on. All these are typical components of grief. I keep a watch on him from information given to me via the Tipline but I’m not really bothered to actively follow him that much because doing so will waste truckloads of energy and seems to empower him to play even more games!

In relation to the “homosexual hit-piece” you mentioned Daniel asserted that you were his former lover and that the report was entirely the work of someone out to hurt him because of a broken heart. Is there any truth to that claim? Did people believe it?

No truth – none. A day or so after he sent it out I blogged a response for the record and I’m sure that some people believed it but look, if people around the globe believed that Ormita was a billion dollar company when in fact it was essentially a one-man-band they’ll believe anything! The people who matter to me though work with facts, not gossip, and they know full well how Daniel’s mind works and what he’s capable of. They can see it for what it is!

Do you think Daniel will ever have to face the music, legally? Will he be put away or out of business permanently or do you think we’ll see a new company emerge next year with a different name but the same face at the head?

Yes to your first question. Daniel has committed multiple crimes of False Pretences and he has people out there who are determined to see justice done. I’m actively assisting litigants in two areas, civil and criminal. At this stage I cannot see how he cannot end up with jail time. Interpol involvement is a certainty for you have cross-border fraud and complaints lodged (and being lodged) in multiple jurisdictions.

Daniel tends to run and hide, and tries to ‘do the right thing’ in retrospect even though this achieves little practically. His current approach is all over the place, sort of like a possum running in and out of the headlights. The long arm of the law however will get him though so any new brand or resurrected system will not last long.

Considering your research, what would you say to the barter industry as a whole regarding problems like this?

That’s a dangerous subject Tyler on several counts.

First Daniel’s situation is unique in that you have a guy who has entered the industry ‘from left field’ and whom I believe has some serious psychiatric issues. He’s made a lot of noise and messed with quite a few people but in the whole scheme of things he’s been more of a thorn in the side rather than a major industry problem.

Secondly there are problems within the industry that some don’t want talked about. Daniel’s extremes caused many to squirm because he had the potential to swing the spotlight into areas that some do not want looked at.

In terms of the problems Ormita created i.e. fraudulent turnovers, inflated claims, we all know that there are shonky operators out there and for the ones that stick their head up, I’ll be very happy to help shoot again if the industry feels it’s needed.

The fact that competing companies can work together is also a take-home from the whole saga. The people involved did well to work together.

The bottom line – be as creative as you like in business but play it straight or you’ll be exposing yourself.

Was it all worth it for you? What will you be doing now? What’s next for Dennis?

Yes. The Ormita Report has been an enjoyable experience. I’ll carry on helping the litigants with their cases against Daniel and Ormita but am open to opportunities to continue working in the barter industry at a global level. I’d like to keep on exploring ways to help address some of the industry problems . . . thinking . . . helping and working with others.


There you go guys. Ormita and Daniel Evans might pop up again, but there are interested individuals who are determined to see both disappear completely.


  1. Hello, why I can know there is a barter industry in the world, the simply reason is because Ormita came to China to publicize this industry.
    We think barter industry is a good industry for many people and companies which hope to develop but to happen to have no enough money or hope to save business cost.
    The unfortunate is we cannot see all poeple in this industry to raise as one man and develop it, but reversely.
    To really understand a man is difficult, but at least we know barter from Ormita,
    this company almost let the world know and start to have an conception there is a kind of indutry in the world, named “Barter”.
    This is the truth as per my own experience and opinion.


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