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Transition Chichester Expanding

Transition Chichester Expanding

A community currency based on paper and time in the community of Chichester, England, is expanding due to increased demand from the community.

According to an article on the Chichester Observer, users of Transition Chichester, or the TChi, are encouraged to use the printed money to trade extra skills for jobs that otherwise would not get done. And like most community currencies, the intent it to keep profits local.

According to the TCHI website,

The TCHI is not a substitute for cash transactions. It is not used to purchase professional services, but to enhance and increase voluntary work, good neighbourliness and social cohesion.

Transition Chichester is releasing another 5,000 notes over the next few months. That will bring the grand total of notes in circulation to 6,000.

Interested parties can register online and get ten free Tchis and make their skills available through an online directory.


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