What Happened to Giovanni Lo Faro?


Last week, as part of my investigation in to Ormita, I requested a connection on LinkedIn with Giovanni Lo Faro, an employee of the Italian franchise of Ormita. After he had posted a comment on one of the stories, I wanted to reach out out to him for additional comments and to give him the opportunity to speak freely about the company he works for. My research tells me that Italy was the only franchise of Ormita actively trading, so it would be a great story to get the perspective of an employee of that office.

Or so I thought.

My email went unread.

No response to my reply to his comment on this site.

Then a ray of light!

I received an email from LinkedIn letting me know that my invitation to connect had been accepted! Maybe we’d finally break through in to the mind of an actual Ormita employee! Woo hoo!

Alas, my intentions were thwarted yet again when I finally clicked the link in the email this morning and was informed that the profile belonging to Giovanni Lo Faro couldn’t be displayed.

Sorry Giovanni

No reason offered. Just no connection. Plenty of functioning connections to hundreds and, really, thousands of other people, but the one I wanted disappeared.

I had so many questions…

What’s next for Giovanni?

Now that the Ormita software, the software that allows the business to function, is not available, are you continuing to manage transactions?

Is there new software being ramped up as we speak?

Has Daniel contracted with one of the major barter software providers or has Cinzia decided to break out and go independent?

My opinion is that Daniel will not quit the industry he has worked so hard to build promote dupe? defraud. I suspect the “meetings” Daniel is participating in are some kind of strategy session, a what-to-do-next pow-wow. Will we see him with a new name? A facelift? Reconstructive surgery? Tattoos?

However we do see Daniel in the future, I sincerely hope that it is as an outsider to the barter industry.



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