IrishCoin Intends to Transform Tourism


IrishCoin, an alternative crypto currency based on the Litecoin software, has been released to the public.

The creators of IrishCoin plan on utilizing the currency as a discount token vehicle, a tourist organizational branding opportunity, and for the promotion of the Irish tourism industry among the Irish diaspora in the US, Ireland, and globally.

Distribution of Irish coin will be directly through global organizations,companies and and ventures connected to the Irish tourism industry, and will start initially with take up from online Irish social networks like with over 12,000 US and Irish members eligible to download digital wallets with IrishCoin. Negotiations are already in place with numerous other global Irish networks and we will be publishing more in the coming days. IrishCoin will also be distributed to businesses as a discount token on purchases where IrishCoin is accepted.

If you are a proprietor or lead of such an organization linked to theIrish tourism industry, or a related global or online organization servingthe Irish diaspora as your intended audience or customers, you are welcome to contact IrishCoin to participate in Ireland’s new digital currency revolution.


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