Did Richard Logie of GETS Hire Dennis Smith to Smear IRTA?


In recent days a number of sources have reached out to me with allegations that Richard Logie of GETS hired Dennis Smith to smear IRTA.

His alleged motivation for doing so?

The lucrative IRTA/UC software contract.

According to these sources, Richard has been bragging about making a splash by shutting down UC before the IRTA conference and talking about how unhappy he has been that IRTA was shopping for new software.

If these allegations are true, then Dennis Smith’s credibility, if indeed he has had any in this fight, is now nil. His statements about receiving money for his research and writing certainly point to someone sponsoring his puking nonsense all over his blog. And GETS seems to be the only organization that would have the motive behind dragging down the UC and IRTA.


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