Global Links Acquires MainStreetChamber


Global Links Corp. (OTC:GLCO) has announced the acquisition of national business networking organization MainStreetChamber (MSC).

MainStreetChamber develops and engages a wide network of business professionals in local marketplaces across the nation by offering free membership and networking events. Chapter presidents, who serve to promote business in their area, run MSC’s local groups. The company offers a no-cost platform, in order to reach more businesses and build a very strong national organization.

MSC will utilize the buying power of its member base to negotiate exclusive rebate and discount programs with national retail corporations, whereby its members will receive specific rebates or discounts on their products and services. Revenue will then be generated in the form of a monthly commission paid by these corporations, based on the amount of business generated from MSC members. The larger its membership base becomes, the stronger the discount rate and rebate programs can benefit the members as well as its organizational structure.

Global Links’ management also cites the acquisition as a strategic move that will strengthen the business of its subsidiary company, BXI Trade Exchange. Both subsidiaries are currently offering business opportunities by opening local offices.

Global Links President Frank Dobrucki, noted, “MainStreetChamber is a perfect fit for Global Links and will create a strong synergy with our subsidiary BXI Trade Exchange, which will offer MSC members new ways of conducting business through its barter process. Both organizations will be able to refer members to each other, which will simultaneously increase the value of both companies as each business’s strength is predicated on the size and strength of their member bases. This will in turn increase Global Links’ revenue and increase shareholder value.”

For more information on MSC, click here.


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