VirtualBarter’s Reciprio Marketplace Nominated for TiE 20

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Via press release, VirtualBarter has announced that their Reciprio Marketplace has been nominated for TiE 20.

Read press release:

Bradenton, Florida – VirtualBarter’s Reciprio, ( with its Virtual Commerce Marketplace technology has been nominated to join the TiE 20 elite group of early stage startups at the TiECon conference.

TiECon Midwest 2016 is an entrepreneurial conference, attracting hundreds of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other professionals. This year’s theme is Ignite2Disrupt. Connected World. Connected Technologies. Vineet Katial, a TiE Detroit Charter Member and TiE Detroit Angel says, “I nominated VirtualBarter for the TiE 20 award, as Reciprio supports TiE’s mission and conference theme by enabling global trade through connected marketplaces”.

“It’s an honor, says Bruce Kamm, VirtualBarter’s Founder, to be nominated for an award of excellence, and to be in front of entrepreneurs, VCs, angels, and professionals at TiECon Midwest 2016”. If selected by the judges, Reciprio will present to conference attendees, be part of ongoing recognition from TiE Detroit, and more important, have greater access to TiE’s powerful global entrepreneurial ecosystem that is dedicated to fostering and enhancing entrepreneurship.

  • is a global network of 13,000 business and entrepreneur members in 19 countries.
  • TIE 20 Innovate increases visibility & TiE member connectivity to winners.
  • Reciprio, a TiE Detroit Angels venture company, developed a custom virtual commerce marketplace and member portal for TiE.
  • The marketplace offers TiE members a Virtual Commerce solution to engage, connect and transact trade & virtual commerce with other members.
  • Reciprio’s integrated communication apps enables TiE Chapters to connect and engage with members and prospects.

About VirtualBarter and Reciprio:

VirtualBarter is an Internet technology company establishing new marketplaces, distribution channels and point of purchase transaction processing for local and worldwide commerce.

The company created Reciprio, a global trade marketplace platform for barter exchanges, that can also be used by associations, chambers of commerce, business networks, and universities that seek a managed services marketplace to offer new revenue generating benefits to their members or alumni, while they remain focused on their core mission.

VirtualBarter provides liquidity for existing retail barter exchanges serving companies of all sizes, and corporate barter companies serving large multinational corporations, and will ultimately serve as a network of global clearinghouses for barter, trade and virtual commerce.

VirtualBarter and its merchant services partners provide proprietary barter and commerce marketplaces, trade exchange management solutions, point of purchase transaction processing, and reward and loyalty programs. It provides companies with Internet trading application solutions that capture full price for surplus inventory, excess capacity or non-performing assets while expanding their customer base or enabling them to do business in countries with unstable currency.


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