Tradebank International Announces New CEO and President Valerie Brooker

Tradebank International new CEO Valerie Brooker

On January 22, 2107, via their website, Tradebank International officially announced its new President and CEO, Valerie Brooker. Read full announcement below.

Industry Veteran Valerie Brooker Takes Over the Reins as CEO of Tradebank

Valerie BrookerATLANTA, GA — Tradebank International, a recognized leader in the barter industry, has announced the appointment of Valerie Brooker to Chief Executive Officer.

Valerie Brooker, a seasoned Tradebank executive, with over 20 years of barter experience, has operated in all facets of the company from overseeing general operations, media, marketing, technology, and brokering. In addition to the various roles, Brooker has served on Tradebank’s Board of Directors for almost a decade.

Marc Davis, a Tradebank Franchise Owner for over 20 years, states that “Valerie’s experience, and her embrace of technology combined with her straight forward approach, is sure to continue Tradebank on the growth curve that we all are excited to be a part of.”

With a focus on continuous growth, Brooker will continue to pair technology with customer service. Tradebank has always owned and maintained its own proprietary software.  In 2013, Tradebank took on the monumental task of rewriting it from the ground up.   The goal was to create a software platform that will allow for core changes with minimal investment while creating a structure that will allow Tradebank to expand their marketing opportunities.  “Our goal is to ensure that as the industry grows that our software stays not only competitive but is also one of the leading software tools in the barter industry”, said Brooker.  With the recent launch an internal marketing campaign system, as well as a classifieds section update next week, they are hitting the ground running in early 2017.

“We are continuously striving to build a culture of support between our franchise offices and the clients we serve”, said Brooker.  “The concept of Tradebank is larger than just the local office – the philosophy and community behind it allows for an outcome in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The stories of how Tradebank has genuinely helped a business are the core components of our history and these should be the road map of the journey we want to continue to take.  It’s about being authentic and having a desire to succeed and knowing that along the way you did with integrity”.

About Tradebank
Tradebank International Inc. (Tradebank) is a privately held international trade exchange founded in 1987. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Tradebank operates in regions throughout the United States and Canada. In barter’s simplest form, two businesses or professionals trade items of equivalent value. Tradebank, however, opens up a whole new dimension in trading. Now a company doesn’t have to find another company that simultaneously needs its product or service. Only one trader’s need is required to start the process and with the help of a trade broker, everyone comes out with something they need. To learn more, visit the company website at


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