ITEX Broker writes children’s book, featured on Naperville Community Television


Author Karen Kelly recently released her children’s illustrated picture book called “Angels on Your Pillow”, after realizing her dream of writing and publishing a book. It focuses on bringing awareness to pure unconditional love in a playful way. It was released at the end of 2016.

For the past 19 years she has dedicated herself to teaching small business owners how to use a highbred yet seamless form of bartering in order to turn what they have into what they want and need. As a broker for ITEX, her passion and niche is to help small business owners support one another by using the ITEX Barter Network as a means to maximize their sales, gain exposure and offset their expenses. Bringing new customers and a new found revenue source to fellow business owners is very rewarding and the best part is that everybody benefits!

Karen Kelly,Author of “Angels on Your Pillow”
PO Box 59099
Schaumburg, IL 60159


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