NexTrade360 Announces Software Updates


Red Leaf Software has announced, via press release, upcoming updates to its barter exchange software platform, NexTrade360. Read full press release below.

NexTrade360 Adds Global Marketplace

by: Red Leaf Software
released: April 7th, 2017

Colchester, VT – Locally owned Red Leaf Software LLC announced today that it is beginning to roll out a major update to its barter exchange management platform NexTrade360™.

NexTrade360™ customers will gain the ability to effortlessly market their offers and services to other barter exchanges in US and Canada, while maintaining full control over who they want to do business with.

“We have built upon years of research and competitive analysis, and came to a decision that our role is to create a robust and effective way for independently owned barter exchanges to work together to increase business opportunities and move the industry forward toward open collaboration. We decided that will serve our customers better if we leave the choice of the payment method for transactions to be decided between the buyer and the seller, ” said Sergei Serdyuk, Red Leaf Software’s Managing Partner. “As the industry already provides reliable options like IRTA UC, NATE BANC and direct recip agreements. Our focus will be on making collaborative bartering easy for our customers, and working with all major players in the industry to build bridges for information”.


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