Tradebank Announces Agreement to Allow Tradebank Canada to Rebrand

Tradebank International has announced, via their website, an agreement between themselves and Tradebank Canada, that would allow Tradebank Canada to rebrand. Read full post from below.

Divide and Conquer: Tradebank and Tradebank Canada Strike Mutually Beneficial Deal

by: Tradebank International
published: May 21, 2018

Tradebank has reached an agreement with Tradebank Canada to rebrand from the Tradebank franchise system. Tradebank Canada has made the decision to purchase the rights to rebrand their trade network and separate from the Tradebank name. This transition began taking place in April 2018, they will officially go live with their new brand in July 2018.

This agreement allows the Tradebank Canada team the ability to further expand their network in Canada and explore some complimentary business products as well. “I’m excited about our deal, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish our good friends at Tradebank International much continued success,” said John Porter, President of Tradebank Canada.

The proceeds from this deal allows Tradebank to both reinvest into their existing US operations, as well move forward with the search for strategic acquisitions. This growth strategy would strengthen the existing US operations, and certainly will have a significant impact within the Southeast Tradebank footprint.

Tradebank CEO, Valerie Brooker, commented, “We wish John Porter and his team all the best in their new endeavor. They have been great international partners of ours for many years, and we look forward to continuing that partnership going forward.”

Tradebank and the former Tradebank Canada plan to maintain a reciprocal trade relationship moving forward, both directly, and through third party platforms such as IRTA’s UC (Universal Currency) that will undoubtedly expand their trading opportunities with one another.


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