‘Escape from Barter Islands’ game teaches kids the value of trade!


Escape From The Barter Islands!

The Cleveland Fed’s most popular online game for more than a decade has been updated and re-released, as a web-based game and a mobile app, in both English and Spanish!

Get Ready to Trade!...

You’re Robbie. You’re a sailor. You’re shipwrecked! How will you get home??

Robbie has wrecked his ship and needs help getting home by locating a sail on one of the Barter Islands.

After collecting oranges on Orange Island, visit each of the Barter Islands to make trades for important items that will help Robbie in his quest for a sail.

On each of the Barter Islands, you will meet with the Chief who will provide instructions about how to make your trades successfully.

The faster you trade, the more points you will earn.

To learn more, or begin playing, follow one of the links below:



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