Recipico acquires iTrade Earth and rebrands it Flippit Caribbean


Recipico has announced, via press release, the acquisition of iTrade Earth. Read full press release below.

Recipico Expands Its Crypto Commerce Payment Network

by: Recipico
published: 11/7/3018

Bradenton — 11/7/18 — Recipico expands its Flippitt Marketplace throughout the Caribbean.

Recipico acquired the iTrade Earth exchange and rebranded it Flippit Caribbean. ITrade Earth’s owner, Scot Mathewson has over 25 years’ experience in the Reciprocal Trade Industry.

Scot will become an integral part of the Recipico team serving as a trusted advisor and Caribbean Trade Director. In his role, he will oversee the Flippitt community in the Caribbean and assist in successful growth opportunities for the entire membership. Scot said, “So far, I’m impressed by the talented team Recipico has assembled to build this global marketplace. Together, we have all the tools to make this a success going forward”.

In September 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricane Maria. Many iTrade Earth members were seriously impacted. Campaigns have already begun to reactivate member trading by bringing Recipico’s enhanced digital marketplace and payment platform to Puerto Rico and St. Croix.

Recipico’s mission is to create a community network of acquired and partnered, local and global, marketplaces. The platform is decoupling merchant’s reliance on banks and fiat currencies. Flippitt provides a stable marketplace with low transaction fees where businesses and entrepreneurs can thrive.

Bruce Kamm, Recipico’s Chief Evolutionary Officer says, “Working with Scot to improve the businesses and lives of people devastated by hurricane Maria aligns well with Recipico’s mission to help business, individuals and the unbanked.”

Patrick Antoine, Recipico’s Chairman adds, “The payment platform provides the means to facilitate cross-border transactions and exchanges desperately needed in Caribbean countries without the challenges and costs associated with fiat conversion and Forex exchange rates.”


About Recipico

Recipico is building the next generation marketplace and exchange portal, leveraging both crypto and digital currencies in a gateway app to facilitate local and global commerce.

The Recipico platform was created for barter exchanges, associations, chambers of commerce, business networks, vertical industries, and their members. Recipico provides a seamlessly integrated family of branded online barter and commerce services that have the potential to transform companies, trade exchanges and the commercial barter industry into a unified economy of global cashless trade.

The platform empowers any business, merchant or entrepreneur to reach a vast audience of new customers that are looking for businesses that accept payment in cryptocurrency.

By aggregating buyers, sellers, products, services, communities and vertical industries in interconnected marketplaces, Recipico and its alliance partners have begun the process of creating The Global Trade Commerce Economy.

For partnership or investor information, call 866-615-5835.


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