IMS Barter acquires Florida Barter

IMS Barter Florida Barter
In a press release yesterday afternoon, International Monetary Systems, Ltd (IMS Barter) announced the acquisition of Florida Barter. Read full press release from IMS Barter below.

IMS Barter Advances Into Florida

by: International Monetary Systems, Ltd (IMS Barter)
published: 1/2/2019

NEW BERLIN, WI — International Monetary Systems, Ltd (IMS Barter) announced that it has acquired selected assets of Florida Barter, with offices in Orlando and Tampa FL. Florida Barter has been in business since 1982 and has long been recognized as one of America's strongest independent trade exchanges. Florida Barter is IMS's largest reciprocal trading partner and combining the Florida operation with International Monetary Systems North American footprint is expected to create additional synergistic growth opportunities.

John Strabley, CEO of IMS, stated: "This combination of two of America's leading trade exchanges will add a whole new dimension to our company. Florida Barter owner, Scott Whitmer, is a 2-time President of International Reciprocal Trade Association IRTA and also has been inducted into the IRTA Hall of Fame. He's one of the most respected people in the barter industry.

"Through the years, his visionary leadership has set new standards for all of us and has established a level of excellence that few have been able to emulate. We couldn't be more pleased than to welcome individuals such as Scott, his wife Sana, and Joyce Bingham, a 20-year veteran and seasoned trader in the hospitality sector, to the IMS Barter family."

"Operating now as one company, we should witness an even greater volume of trading between our clients. In addition, utilizing the personnel of IMS's Corporate Trade and Media division, we have an instant entrée to bring our Florida markets into the world of corporate barter, where larger transactions are consummated between manufacturers, major hotel chains, airlines, and national advertising venues," stated Scott Whitmer.

John Strabley, CEO (800) 559-8515


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