Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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New AltCoin: the SolarCoin

Bitcoin, since it is open source software and easily replicated by a programmer with a little spare time, has opened up to a whole...

Alt Currency Creators Freed

In Kenya, the Shilling is the government backed currency in the area, and while most citizens use it, they also wish they had more....

Timebanks on the Rise

Timebanking, a sort of half-sister to the barter industry, has seen steady growth in recent times. From recent headlines... ...The Time Bank of Thrive Lake...

The Magic of Complementary Currencies

We in the barter industry have long held that a community that embraces alternative currencies, like those offered by barter exchanges, trade exchanges, time...

IRTA Says Barter Gives Relief to Depressed World Currencies

The current global recession has placed enormous financial pressure on every business sector, every level of government and virtually every individual on the planet....