Friday, April 3, 2020
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Southern Barter Receives Celebrity Endorsement

In a video posted to, Bernadette Stanis, of Good Times fame, gives an explicit endorsement of Southern Barter. Check out the video.

Internet Barter Startup – Yerdle

The design and marketing of internet barter startups is getting better with time, which is a good thing. A new startup popped up on...

GreenBank Acquires 20% of Sovereign Exchange

In a missed part of the barter news, we failed to report in January that Sovereign Exchange, a Canadian barter/silver hybrid run by a...

New Australian Exchange: Share Shop

I don't remember how I was turned on to it, but there is a new "cash-free marketplace" in Australia called Share Shop. They call...

Exchange Trainers Permanently Reduces Prices

Full Disclosure: the owner of Barter News Weekly also owns Exchange Trainers. At the beginning of this year the Barter Exchange Trainers permanently reduced the...