Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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IRS Declares Bitcoin to be Property, Not Currency

In a move completely unsurprising to those of us in the barter industry, the IRS recently released their official guidance on the subject of...

Ormita is a Scam Says Dennis Smith

I received a tip from IRTA and then a very interesting email from a Dennis Smith regarding Ormita and Daniel Evans recently. For my...

New Internet Barter Startup: TradeYa

Finally a new internet barter startup that does a good job... Obviously I have reviewed some real stinkers here in recent weeks, but for a...

Virtual Barter Releases Mobile App Services

Barter exchanges that use Virtual Barter as their exchange management software now have a new tool to add to their line up: mobile apps...

Exchange Trainers Permanently Reduces Prices

Full Disclosure: the owner of Barter News Weekly also owns Exchange Trainers. At the beginning of this year the Barter Exchange Trainers permanently reduced the...