Friday, December 13, 2019
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Reports of Problems at Tradebank International [Retracted]

According to a credible source, there are deep problems brewing at Tradebank International. It is being reported that Tradebank lost a significant lawsuit in...

IRTA On Franchises and Licenses

On April 9th of this year, IRTA released the following statement regarding franchising and licensing in the barter industry. The growth of the barter industry...

Barter Companies and Franchising

Recent emails from franchisors and franchisees of different barter and trade companies have led me to pontificate on the continued persistence of franchising and...

IMS Digging in to Franchising

International Monetary Systems, Ltd. announced that it is launching a franchise division. The company, which presently serves more than 23,000 cardholders in fifty-one existing markets,...

Bartercard In a Study of Franchises

A new study of 6,800 Australian franchisees has found that conflict arising between franchisees and their franchisors is inevitable and confirms that communication at...