Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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HE-5 Announces Revenue Generation

HE-5 Resources, Corp. (Other OTC: HRRN.PK) announced today, that the “Trading Barter Bank” is now in the...

HE-5 Resources Introduces CRM

HE-5 Resources announced the release of a customer relationship management service attached to their barter company. Named Prodigy, the software handles traditional CRM functions,...

HE-5 Resources Corp Changes Name; Abandons Past

HE-5 Resources Corp, a somewhat enigmatic company with a history of mining operations in Nevada among other endeavors, has officially changed its name to...

More News from HE-5 Resources Corp.

In another weekly press release from HE-5 Resources Corp, the company finally manages to say something concrete and real. The company is finally rolling...

HE-5 Resources Corp. Announces TV Network

HE-5 Resources Corp. announced today that they are incorporating a television network,, which is intended to give extra transparency to the initiatives that...