Friday, December 13, 2019
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Internet Barter Startup – Yerdle

The design and marketing of internet barter startups is getting better with time, which is a good thing. A new startup popped up on...

New Australian Exchange: Share Shop

I don't remember how I was turned on to it, but there is a new "cash-free marketplace" in Australia called Share Shop. They call...

New Internet Barter Startup:

Another, let's be perfectly honest, pathetic, internet barter start up surfaced this week. Nothing to report, except that their interface is terrible, their software...

New Internet Startup – My Trade Cart

I was informed of another internet direct bartering website start up, My Trade Cart, a couple of days ago. While I wasn't able to...

New Barter Website –

I was turned on to a new direct-barter website,, the other day. It seems to be in good company and we wish them...