Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Romantic Florida Escape

Available to IRTA and NATE members. The Henderson Park Inn is consistently rated among the best hotels on the beach in Destin FL. All Destin...

Ferry Available on Barter

Ormita has a large passenger ferry for sale on 100% barter direct from the shipping line. Approximately $3 million USD. The ferry is on the...

Media Available on Ormita

We have recently closed a deal with a large media network in the USA who is offering broadcast media on barter via Ormita.   Depending on...

Movido TV Offers Programs on Barter

LATIN GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT NETWORKS has launched MOVIDO TV, a new initiative designed to provide radio stations with high-quality contemporary video content for their websites...

Urban Radio Group Looking for Barter

Urban Radio Group, a group that supplies custom radio production, syndicated radio shows, and creative music production libraries for the urban consumer mass markets,...