Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Breaking: Is Daniel Evans Trying to Collect Industry Data?

This morning I, along with many others in the barter industry, received an email with an invitation to participate in a survey of the...

The Ormita Software Is Offline. Is Ormita Dead?

Time Management, the company that created and manages Ormita's transaction software, has taken the Ormita software offline. This means that no transactions will be...

Communication From Ex-Ormita Exchanges, the Software Provider and Other Victims

I received this statement this morning from persons described as "ex-Ormita exchange owners, the current software provider and other victims of the Ormita fraud". Dear...

Open Letter to Ormita Supporters from Sam Fanous

Quoted as published on Dear Ormita Licensees, For you who do not know me, I am Oussama (Sam) Fanous the former UAE Ormita licensee. Some...

Ormita New York Office Located in College Dormitory?

A press release posted April 1st by Gigi David to has an interesting detail that we decided to follow up on after reading the release. The...