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IRTA Statement on the Ormita Report

The Ormita Report, released on March 26, 2014 reveals a long history of misinformation and fraudulent activities by Daniel Evans and his company Ormita. The...

Ormita is a Scam Says Dennis Smith

I received a tip from IRTA and then a very interesting email from a Dennis Smith regarding Ormita and Daniel Evans recently. For my...

Daniel Evans of Ormita Allegedly Defames IRTA and Ron Whitney

Over the course of the past year, the International Reciprocal Trade Association and its wholly-owned subsidiary corporation, Universal Currency Clearinghouse, Inc. (collectively "IRTA") have...

New Contributor: Neha Gupta

We are pleased to introduce a new regular contributor to the Barter News Weekly, Neha Gupta. Neha is a graduate of Punjab University, a...